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Satanic Illuminati Dance Exposed! and more! - Conspiracy Theory Truth

Satanic Illuminati Dance Exposed! and more!

Also New Video: Response to Dancers Part 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MOjNUtaWFqA (Português/Español/Malay Subs CC) – Expondo as Danças Satânicas Illumin…

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  1. Wow! thank you for making this video. I've learned so much that I didn't
    know. Thank God for you and the information that you are putting out there.
    People need to be aware and accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior. 

  2. Gods daughter Cynthi · Edit

    OMG praise be to the Lord Almighty for opening my eyes. Les twins were
    actually my favourite dancers but now they are not.!!!!!

  3. Praise God! May the good lord Jesus Christ continue to bless you! Very
    informative video! Whenever I saw the Les Twins it was something about
    them, but I couldn't put my finger on it, NOW I KNOW!

  4. At first I thought it was gonna be another "pointless" religious video, I
    WAS WRONG AND I AM GLAD I SAW THE WHOLE VIDEO!!!. This information was very
    informative to me.

    I used to dance to hip hop music back in High school and I felt that
    "thing" they mentioned getting inside my body (in competitions) that
    allowed me to do things I couldn't do normally on my own.

    God is my savior and I praise Him every day every time I accomplish
    something, every time He bless me with food and water and every time I get
    back home and see my family again. AMEN.

  5. Amde Anbessa-Ebanks · Edit

    Very informative, thing is I love the tutting style but deep down I know
    it's from King Tut, I love dance but this video made me think that if I'm
    going to do it, I have to glorify God, thank you for posting. 

  6. Good vid. The Most High bless you for showing the evil, deceiving work of
    satan through "entertainment". Christ loves mankind more than anything,
    satan and his army hates us more than anything. The greatest lie is that
    satan and hell don't exist. 

  7. I am happy to see people are waking up realizing how deceitful devil does
    his work he is very cunning with every intention to mislead you from 'GOD'.
    Devil don't care anything about you either your black, white, yellow,
    purple or any sex to him your just another corrupted soul to damnation in
    HELL! Amen to Lord Jesus Christ!

  8. Thank you for the information it very helpful. I like to dance and i didn't
    know until now. I'll try to do better in my life. Thank you. 

  9. Oooh I don't know what to say.
    This video gives me more information.
    Thank you so much April and Wayne for your videos, you are doing Gods work.
    You are saving peoples Soul, God will bless you April and Wayne.
    Keep it Maintaining! Good things will happen to you my friend.
    Thanks Alot.

  10. This is a really good video, very informative. I learned alot about the
    dancing part of the illuminati that i would have never known, like to Tutt
    was from ancient egytian times…I knew the dances looked fimiliar just
    didnt know where it came from. I am a bornagain Christian and I learned
    alot from this video. Thanks :-)

  11. All who wish to go to heaven should watch this.The lird Jesus Christ is our
    Savior.All who follow him shall go to heaven and forever live with the

  12. I deleted my worldly music in my devices… but more than that… pray for
    me that I move toward holiness in all of my life and honor God in all that
    I do, even when no one is around, and no one is looking.

  13. Thanks for the important research. This is very helpful and answers many
    The truth you spoke and aligned with God's word is crucial for us to know
    what is really going on. God bless you as you continue to be light in this
    dark world:)

  14. Praise Lord Jesus to expose satan's trap which leads many of us in hell!
    Praise Heavenly Father to open up our spiritual eyes to see what the
    adversary can do to is! Amen!

  15. thats amazing. i dont do those dances but i will watch what i do and listen
    to and get closer with god because i dont want to go to hell. 

  16. Wow!!! This clip is very informative. Its a real eye opener. I will make
    sure to take more notice of the signs and symbols that have always been
    around. I feel so stupid and tricked for not seeing this before. Thankyou
    for opening up my eyes!!!

  17. Wow! When the African guy was giving his testimony, it reminded me of Les
    twins. Everything that he did, they are now doing (dance workshops around
    the world, dressing strange, using satanic symbols in their dances etc).
    keep these unsaved celebrities & non-celebrities, in your prayers! Thanks
    April & Wayne…God Bless You!

  18. I wish this video would get the most viewers in the world and subscribers
    to the channel. keep in touch! I am planning to translate it into my
    language Amharic /Ethiopians official language/ and to spread it out all
    over the places as soon as possible.

  19. People are so hypnotized by the things of this world and the hook in a song
    is meant to hook you. Hard to not be deceived that's why you have to stay
    in the word of God 


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