JFK Assassination

Who is Responsible for the JFK Assassination

Here is a video that I stumbled upon scrolling through my Netflix account the other night – it’s called “Dark Legacy”. The producer of the video did an excellent job at putting together the pieces of the puzzle in reference to the JFK Assassination – mainly revealing how George Bush was connected to the murder of JFK, not in just one way, but in multiple connected ways.

Once you start going down the rabbit hole and connecting all the dots, so much revealed in this video starts to make more sense about the whole JFK Assassination and the people connected to and responsible for that happening. From Oswald, Ruby, Nixon to Prescott Bush and multiple others, this video was a real eye opening experience. It shatters all of the “Official Reports” about the JFK Assassination (as if we could believe anything that comes from an “Official Report” to begin with – like the 9/11 Commission Report).

jfk assassination

Basically, John F. Kennedy was put on the chopping block because he was about to dismantle and expose the corrupt organizations that were designed to keep the American people in the dark and further the agendas of those involved in his assassination.

Like so many other issues covered within this website, the rabbit hole, at this point in time, goes so deep and dark that it could fill volumes of books like an encyclopedia set (for those of us who can still remember encyclopedias…hehe).

Grab onto your hat and fasten your seat-belt for an interesting case study on the JFK Assassination  like you have never seen before. Keep an open mind and weigh in on the facts before you pass judgement. Once you do, please comment below w=and let us know what you think about the mystery of the JFK Assassination .

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