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Tomorrowland Illuminati EXPOSED! - Conspiracy Theory Truth

Tomorrowland Illuminati EXPOSED!

Tomorrowland Conspiracy

Tomorrowland Drawing nearly 250,000 people into a deceptively wicked musical event.
The Tomorrowland rave culture is being used by Satan to initiate countless young people into a false spiritual system through deception. These ravers believe they are experiencing God at these raves but…

Disney’s Tomorrowland was one of the most extremely expected films of 2015. For all the buzz, details like plot and story have been kept a carefully safeguarded trick. At Disney’s D23 event this weekend, director Brad Bird (The Iron Giant) and co-writer Damon Lindelof (Star Trek Into Darkness) revealed a few more information– some legit, some not a lot– revealed some footage, and your house that Mickey Built also revealed a new logo design for the film.

We understand that George Clooney will play a temperamental creator, Hugh Laurie a dastardly (we assume) villain, newcomer Raffey Cassidy is a robotic named Athena who is crucial to the plot, and Under the Dome’s Britt Robertson has actually been tapped to play the female lead. It was also reported that Judy Greer (Dawn of the Planet of the Apes) will likely sign up with the cast in an unspecified function. Aside from that, there are reports that the story revolves around the Tomorrowland portion of the Disneyland amusement park.

The exposes at D23 didn’t do a lot to clarify any of this, but there are a few more information. Originally, the movie was called 1952, after a legendary box of documents, concepts, and souvenirs labeled “1952,” where Walt Disney utilized to save documents and things like that.

These, and more, were included in a short film that apparently evaluated for folks in attendance. From everything we’ve heard and checked out, the video resembled a great time. It has been likened to a 60s throwback, one that contains hints of a utopian, post-Cold War society. This was “found” on a strange, futuristic disc among all the other artifacts.

None of this sheds a lots of light on the narrative, however we have a lot to guess about. For example, the box includes a plan of It’s a Small World, which shows that there may be something developed under the ride. The conspiracy theory angle is played up, through incorrect images, and an issue of Amazing Stories that is also a coded message.

All of this serves a larger world developing purpose, and while some individuals are upset that Bird, Lindelof, and Disney keep toying with fans, the way they’re creating anticipation around their movie is quite enjoyable. Do we really need to know all of the plot details for a motion picture that doesn’t come out till December of 2014?

Bowing out D23, there is one concrete aspect of Tomorrowland, the logo design. The image absolutely fits into the time-period feel they’re working to establish. That science-y looking symbol in place of the O is, stylistically, area on for what they want to evoke. While we may not know much more about Bird’s movie, just his 2nd live-action directorial effort– Mission: Impossible– Ghost Protocol was his very first– Disney certainly has our interest.


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