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JFK Assassination

Who is Responsible for the JFK Assassination Here is a video that I stumbled upon scrolling through my Netflix account the other night – it’s called “Dark Legacy”. The producer of the video did an excellent job at putting together the pieces of the puzzle in reference to the JFK Assassination – mainly revealing how…

Bilderberg Group, a Club for the Rich or Something Much More?

Imagine an exclusive private club of power elites such as heads of state like prime ministers and presidents getting together in secret and rubbing elbows with the industrial giants of the world, rumored to be plotting the take over and fate of humanity. Sounds like a fantastic story line for the next featured Bond movie.…

The Occult Secret Societies

The occult secret societies largely remain unknown to most people, because many members are behind the mainstream media and you are only told what they want you to know limiting your knowledge. Decoded – The Statue of Liberty