what harrp is .everything it’s used for .will h.a.r.r.p be used on or around the 2012 election?pt 3

i find it very interesting at the timing of what they are terming te perfect storm and the fact that it is likely going to make land fall right in middle of new york city . a storm on th level of katrina . what better way to bring out martial law than with a so called natural disaster and have such a great loss of life . i wonder what the ILLUMINATI CARD SAY I WONDER IF THEY THEE IS A CARD PERDICTING SUCH AN EVENT IN THE DECK OR IS THERE A CARD SHOWNG NOT ONLY A HURRICANE BUT A EARTH QUAKE AS WELL . such a crippling event would not only give cause under one of obama executive orders . it would be also be the perfect timing for putting troops on the streets and opening the fema camps .a;so just think under both the ndaa bill as well as the executive ordr the election would be called of because of the devestaion and obama could indeffinatly continue as camander and cheif. and with no power for at least 2 weeks or more it would be the perfect cover to use the military to siez peoples guns just like during ktrina in 2005 . i hope and pray that im wrong about htis but i have a strange feeling im not going to be .!!!

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  1. Christopher Roderick · Edit

    As a meteorologist … radio waves CANNOT control weather. These radio
    waves are uncontrollable… that means you cannot control them. HAARP
    CANNOT control weather. I am sorry you think this.

  2. People are so programed that the facts about HAARP makes them argue that if
    the Government could control the weather, we wouldnt have floods, droughts,
    and such. They are terrified of possiblities of thoughts out of their
    control.Unwilling to except super powers do have control of such a weapon
    of mass destruction and that they are using it to cause food shortages and
    to inflate pricing. NWO depopulation of We the Slaves under their Media and


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