UPDATE! One World Trade Center / Three World Trade Center 4/2/2015 construction progress part 1

OK! I have once again ventured out to the World Trade Center site for another new update on the current progress and development of the site. As I started out we can see One World Trade Center and Four World Trade Center standing tall as the both of them are open. There is still some minor work being done on the towers but for the most part they are completed. As I walk towards the site I am amazed to find that Three World Trade Center has gained significant height as more concrete is being poured to form the podium floors and is now starting on the office floors. More steel and floor panels have been installed and after about a 2 year hold Three World Trade Center is on it’s way up!

It is truly exciting to see this marvel finally begin it’s climb up to it’s full 80 stories and in the process it will pass Four World Trade Center which is only 72 stories. The Transportation Hub will be getting painted and have it’s windows installed soon while unfortunately Two World Trade Center is still on hold but seeing that Three World Trade Center is on it’s way up I have a strong feeling that Two World Trade Center will be close behind it. Overall it’s looking better and better every month and the site is really starting to fill in.

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  1. Here is my new World Trade Center construction update on 4/2/2015 last
    week. Three World Trade Center is finally on it’s way up!

  2. thank you for your amazing video 🙂 I can’t wait when all are finished but
    the buildup is exciting 🙂 fan from Indianapolis


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