THE VULCAN: Kabbalah, Freemasons, and the Council of Nine

Last week, we found out that the beloved character of Mr. Spock, Leonard Nimoy passed away at the age of 83. He was perhaps best known for his symbolic hand gesture of the V for Vulcan on the hit show Star Trek. But what is really behind the symbol? In this video, we take a look at his own testimony, and dig a little bit deeper into the implications of the symbol and the show Star Trek and how it has Satan’s occult fingerprints all over it.

Netanyahu Speech

Netanyahu a Freemason?

Leonard Nemoy Video Confession of Jewish Roots of Spock

Info on SHIN

Priestly Blessing


Book of Enoch PDF

Good Article about the Nine and Star Trek

The Council of Nine

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  1. TruthMediaRevolution · Edit

    Wow amazing job. Thanks for this Gonz.

    Also to add: The Lord of the Rings featured “The NINE”, Ring Wraith black
    riders (Nazgul). The ring-bound servants of the Dark Lord Sauron (Saturn).

  2. truthaddsup always · Edit

    Love this research man! All the proof is there, how can anyone try to
    refute this?

    God Bless you Brother, you’re doing a great job in the spirit of Jesus

  3. but…
    christianity developed out of judaism, they just still waiting for their
    jesus. if this sort of ritual predates christianity, it might very well be
    not satanistic, but just ineffective. it would be interesting to know what
    this ritual is supposed to do for or to the congregation.
    and the spock-greeting was brought in by nimoy when they needed a form of
    greeting for the vulcan. not at all was it introduced by roddenberry but
    only accepted. it is very possible that roddenberry learned about the
    origin of this greeting only way later after accepting it for his “lore”.

    the council of nine sounds intereting to look into though. I am just
    discovering this channel, so bear with me ;)

  4. your on fire brother wow, I am always amazed on your work for us, your
    subscribers. keep it up brother your doing great! ;D

  5. it sigil of Satan symbol.V Talmudic Rabbis open Synagogue with the Sign of
    Shin (Nail), the Victory Sign of Satan. Vulcan is Tubal-Cain, the Canaanite
    fire god and password of innitiated Masons. Kirk means (Church) Scotty
    Scottish rite, & Captain Pike (a name synonymous with Freemasonry: Albert
    Pike) Chekov means son of the devil . Enterprise (The Saturn Cult), “NCC
    1701” (1+7+0+1 = 9)Trek” mantle after his death): 9 “TNG” cast members, 9
    (with Worf) “DS9” cast members, 9 “Voyager and in which the Capt Kirk
    (Church) make$ money off the people is the Enterprise.. It all was a Psyop
    from Military/Industrial Complex also to tie into GFL galactic federation
    of light.. BS with Urantia Book false Doctrine,similarities between the
    flags of the UN and United Federation of Planets.without the backing of
    Desilu Studios. Desilu was owned by Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball…I Love
    Lucy aka Lucifer Look into Lucille Ball

  6. If the vulcan greeting is an illuminati symbol, does anyone remember that
    “Mork” from Ork, used the same hand gesture, only sideways and
    interlocking…….? Nanu-Nanu. 

  7. Aaron The Levite Flynt · Edit

    I’ve always wondered his true intentions for using that in the roll of
    spok. I was taught the gesture was simply used by the Levitical priesthood
    during the Aaronic blessing because God commanded so-as in Numbers 6:22-27.
    I feel as if it MIGHT have been necessary (originally, for traditional
    purposes or whatever) during the forming of the Israelite/tribes, but over
    the centuries meshed with the kabbalistic/mystic “jewish” cult for whatever
    heathen purpose. Like how the catholic church has done so with the cross,
    terminology, idols, etc. I don’t believe God has any purpose for any kind
    of hand symbol or whatever traditional nonsense though our adversary would
    have plenty of reasons to go along with every other silly thing he uses to
    deceive the world. I do find it interesting how “Vulcan” is also rooted in
    Greek/Roman mythology as the god of fire and metal working/alchemy…Sure
    seems like a connection with Azazel and the fallen to me. Keep the videos
    coming 🙂 

  8. well, I would have liked to share your video – however, ur point that
    “Lucifer is the morning star” is not correct. The “morning star” is Jesus
    Christ: “I Jesus have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things in
    the churches. I am the root and the offspring of David, and the bright and
    morning star.” (Revelation 22:16) – But if you are reading a satanic modern
    bible that references this passage / title that Jesus Christ applies to
    Himself – to Lucifer in Isaiah 14:12 of course these bibles would like to
    replace the real God, Jesus Christ, the Most High, with their “god” satan…

    And also: “Judaism is NOT good in any way. Judaism blasphemes and rejects
    the Lord Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ Himself calls them the “synagogue of
    satan” – there is not one religion on the face of the earth that is more
    blasphemous than Judaism – and show only one “rabbi” that believes solely
    the Old Testament – they are all in to Kabbalah and even worshipping a
    false god they call “Shekinah” – a female god, god as a transgender =
    satan, baphomet!!!

  9. The “magic city”, as it’s known, of Birmingham, AL has a statue of Vulcan
    overlooking the city. He used have a torch in his hand, like the statue of
    liberty, but now he holds up a spear point in the air and a hammer to his
    side. The statue of Vulcan is very close to 5 Points South, an area of
    Birmingham where 5 streets come together. The Vulcan points to 5 pts and
    guess what you’ll find at 5 points, a statue of a half man, half goat
    reading stories to small animal statues. Funny thing is, this is
    where all the major bars, clubs, and nightlife is so its pretty much
    surrounded by sin. Coincidence? Just thought I’d add this for whoever
    might be interested.

  10. You know, the commercial playing before your video has the underwear
    wearing, gay Patrick Harris in a room full of kids. No big deal I guess,
    but just knowing the sick people that run this world, they always have an
    agenda. ALWAYS! I can’t believe that America thinks it’s so cool that a
    famous person comes out in front of millions of people in his underwear
    while hosting the MindControl Awards.

  11. Have you read “Dissipation of the Darkness: History of the Origin of

    “We will erect two Pillars as Solomon did in the Temple. We will call the
    first BOOZ and
    the second JACHIN. One will be to the right; the other to the left. *We
    will say also that*
    *our brother, Hiram Abiud, is Hiram Abiff, the Great Syrian Architect
    called by*
    *Solomon for the construction of the Temple.* These two subterfuges must be
    noted in the
    general principles of the Association.

    We will reinforce this *deceit* with the use of the instruments of
    construction that the
    architect Hiram utilized in the construction, such as the Square, the
    Compass, the Trowel,
    the Scales, the Hammer, etc., all of wood as Hiram Abiff had them.”

    King Herod Agrippa

    “As the news of the death of our brother Hiram is already known it will not
    be easy to
    convince the mysterious ones that the wake will be for the soul of Hiram
    Abiff, the
    architect of the Temple of Solomon. The *nine* of us alone must realize the
    wake for the
    soul of our brother Hiram Abiud, without making it known to anyone. Then we
    keep it in reserve until a time passes during which the people’s
    recollection of the
    memory of our Hiram will be erased.

    We, the nine, and whoever succeeds us through the centuries, will not
    forget it. How can
    we forget it if there will be a copy of this History in the hand of each
    one of the nine?
    And thus we will complete the deception in such a way that none of the
    mysterious ones
    will suspect that the wake of the third degree corresponds to our brother,
    Hiram, president
    and founder of this Association. *And everyone will believe that the wake
    of the third*
    *degree is for Hiram Abiff, the architect of the Temple of Solomon, it
    being impressed in*
    *the mind of the people that the origin of the Association is prior to
    Solomon.* Thus no one
    will know anything of the date, the purpose, the place and the founders of

    “Brothers: These symbols are exclusively for the nine of us and those who
    succeed us.
    Thus it will continue as a memory and secret among the nine successors.
    None of the
    other Mysterious Ones must know that the homage is for our brother, Hiram
    Abiud, for
    on knowing it they will know *that our Association was founded recently to
    combat Jesus’*
    *men.* This would be troublesome for us because it would alienate many who
    desire to

    In order to fulfill our purpose and to make the secret more hermetic, we
    must add to these
    symbols, other objects and symbols pertaining to Hiram Abiff, Solomon’s
    architect. I will
    prepare them and explain them to you. *Thus the mysterious ones will
    believe that the*
    *graduate represents Hiram Abiff and they will be convinced that the
    Association is most*
    *ancient, from remote times.*

    You must remember that this degree is one of the most
    important traditional degrees.”


  12. This is a good one. So good can you make a series that explains some of the
    main points that you couldn’t touch on or that were too long for this
    video. ppppppleeease

  13. Maybe I need to rewatch the video, but somehow I seem to have missed the
    actual connection between the “Shin” hand symbol and the occult and/or

  14. Grrreat video! Leonard Nimoy is dead and buried, in the grave until the
    Great White Throne Judgment…Revelation 20:11-13. He will then have his
    first opportunity to know the Father and Christ TRULY, and if he rejects
    God, then and only then will he be cast into hell (Gehenna), in which case
    he will be burned up and die for the second and last time (second death).
    Sorry, but the Bible doesn’t say you go to a burning hell or heaven when
    you die. You ‘sleep’ in the grave(Sheol-translated ‘hell’)till the
    resurrection…John 3:13; Acts 2:29; John 11:11-14. 


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