What’s going on behind the WORLD SCENES? Other than the twisted Masonic and satanically inspired HIDING IN PLAIN SIGHT, what is it that the press and mainstr…


  1. No you are complete beliver by what you show actions speak louder then the words,you show more,you are better then those who are fanatic looneys they are demonicly posessed by religious spirits,we are tample of God you are annointed and understand and spread the truth i remember talking with you by messages inbox here on youtube =)

  2. Martin Bowles

    I remember a movie called "Something Evil This Way Comes". Sounds like prophetic words for the heavy feeling of evil hovering over our heads. I've never seen anything like it. It sure feels and looks like something big is about to happen. If it was for our own good and they were decent they would tell us. So since they are still keeping us in the dark it must not be and that goes against everything they are suppose to be. Oh well! God Bless All!

  3. Praise JESUS

    Put all of your hope in the Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is with us always and is coming back soon for his bride. Jesus Christ is our only hope.

  4. jammingalways2

    This is OUR fault! We've been asleep at the wheel for far too long. Hopefully they will be too afraid to pull the trigger just like they did with the Olympics (R.I.P. Rik Clay) as we are becoming aware of their plans. Time will certainly tell.

  5. I agree. The problem? Next election the voters will elect evil again just like they have done the last 5 decades. They just cannot get it through their heads voting the "lesser of 2 evils" still leaves us with evil…

  6. the timeframe fits with the possible rapture date of sept 21. interesting the number 21 , agenda 21 , three sevens

  7. great vid…. thanks

  8. Lol, illuminati scum disliking this vid, they know they got exposed!

  9. pray unceasingly. Pray for your family, your neighborhood, our nation and the reprobates who sit in judgment of us. He Comes. Soon. Be ready.

  10. That's the bug out call. Good Luck. Get out of the city…………PAX

  11. Don't be scared , keep your heart with Jesus , you will have nothing to fear

  12. Love you Jesus , Thankyou for saving my life when i was at rock bottom . You truly are the Messiah , the King of Kings , The Son of God . I Love you



  14. Frank Bushman

    Boy we are in deep doo doo people

  15. butterfly = monarch mind control…

  16. ForDollzzOnly

    im scared

  17. pacwomen1000

    I thought Russia and USA where at odds with eachother,why is there Russian forces here??

  18. do what god would want you to do it is never to late to be saved and do not fear deat because if you die for god and refuse to conform to what the devil wants you will go to heaven that is what i believe i am not god and i can not promise you will go to heaven but i can promise i will try as hard as i can to protect as many as i can i am no one special i a just a man trying to help my brothers and sisters and though i may be terrified i will still stand for what is right and you should 2

  19. i would have a due ja vue experience and tell myself i thought this was just a dream i can't control these visions in my dreams even though i beg god for them they only come randomly and i have no control i am very close to god and i feel a closer connection then most and i speak to him like a father and not in the way most pray i refer to hi as father and i not only pray to god but i always pray to jesus with god because i feel that way my message is heard if this happens remain calm……

  20. i am afraid to say this but i have had visions in my sleep since i was young i was asleep in my room and something picked me up and laughed and threw me down ever since that night i have had visions of the future my most recent was of the apocalypse happening on a perfect day it was very graphic and tbh i am very scared with this dream but i swear i have seen the future in dreams just like this one where i tell myself their is no way this could really happen then it would and….

  21. John 14:8-9
    8 Philip said to him, "Lord, show us the Father, and it is enough for us." 9 Jesus said to him, "Have I been with you so long, and you still do not know me, Philip? Whoever has seen me has seen the Father. How can you say, 'Show us the Father'?

  22. hope not but screw them….got to kill me first..f them

  23. crazy stuff why did the police hold them hostage like that…

  24. TheStarlit26


  25. TruthShockTV

    Amen. And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places. All these are the beginning of sorrows. But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved. Matthew 26: 6-13.


  27. Hallelujah Amen… Jesus Christ i have become your Bride and i'm ready and just waiting for your Return… I just wanna tell you guys all that you have to REPENT, BORN AGAIN, THEN BECOME JESUS BRIDE TO GET TO HEAVEN… =ILLUMINATI IS CALLED THE

  28. Hallelujah Amen… Jesus Christ i have become your Bride and i'm ready and just waiting for your Return… I just wanna tell you guys all that you have to REPENT, BORN AGAIN, THEN BECOME JESUS BRIDE TO GET TO HEAVEN…

  29. DieSunShadows

    Well they are obviously planning for 911 2.0, My pet goat number 2. They still use numerology which just like all cases in crime will be traced back to them. Exposes them that is the illuminati's weakness themselves and their Gloating.

  30. DieSunShadows

    What they do in the industry is very subliminal. I believe in Demons and hell – I take back what I said it's certainly showing up in my music as well the evil backmasking. I use my music for many reasons, one is to vent stress and angry that gets built up inside. Some things that come out are often Demonic. But I believe in God, I am a christian, I'm a bit agnostic but I believe in God for he is the Greater good of the universe. And will bring down these Illuminati powers "ONCE AGAIN!"

  31. Robert Saylor

    i cant beleave what i just saw. and what is happening in the us people for years have warned us of what was to come and most said they were crazy. the united states has gave us cell phone computers an games to keep us from seeking truth and now it is to late. we all should be ashamed for allowing this to happen.we inslaved ourselves we sold out america. most people cant even understand how bad this is.they say this is the home of free nbrave well none of us are free or brave. welet ithappen

  32. Agenda 21

  33. DieSunShadows

    After seeing this Video I think our US Militias need to move in on the Whitehouse right now this VERY SECOND, OF THIS VERY MINUTE and Arrest the War Criminals.

  34. There is nothing i can do but except jesus. Never give into theyre demands. Hold firm and strong and no that no matter what they do, it can not last for long and true peace waits on the other side for all eternity. Wish u all the best of luck. And may god have mercy on us all.

  35. DieSunShadows

    We will see this October as the Illuminati take advantage of a Crisis. The Destruction of Mars. Beginning of the Destruction of Earth.


  37. TrueShinobi15

    Time to go to japan

  38. Wow what a video amazing thank you Truth

  39. What message does this give to foreigners…you wouldn't want to mess with a country who's own army is willing to abuse their own country men! There are plenty of options is to why they do this!

  40. AMEN!!!!!

  41. JimmyCarol100

    Wow, anyone else notice that at about 12:00 min or so, the nuclear cloud looks like a clown laughing. A picture within a picture. Its not hard to see, with the little cloud in the middle as a nose and the outter ones as hair, you can see the eyes, & they even highlighted the frame with red. Crazee. PeaceB2All Thumb up if you see it.

  42. Veronica Flynn

    My God be with us all …thus has petrified me

  43. Dear Jesus, I sincerely admit that I am a sinner, deserving of Hell. Please forgive me of my sins and take me to Heaven when I die. I repent of my transgressions and strive to avoid a sinful life as I know that displeases you. I now believe upon You alone, apart from all self-righteous works and religion, as my personal Savior. Thank you. Amen.

  44. David COMPAN

    Wow…that's deep !

  45. Heather Bernal

    WHAT THE HELL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Daisy Schmitt

    Same thought. The millions of blinded, paralized and scared slaves that will just say, yes I obay, I will do anything you want…just give me a loaf of bread.
    Just to ease there physical momentum, but only to lose their soul of eternity.
    That is imo why our Lord Jesus died painfully with dishonor on the cross, to show us mortals not to be afraid, it can be overcome…
    God bless you all!

  47. Christopher Wilkins

    Wow… All of America needs to see this

  48. God, come and burn this place, project humanity failed.

  49. luxuriouslady5625

    I'm in southern California and the same this has been happening here nearly every day. They are usually flood warnings but it's been like 100 degrees.

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