The Bilderberg Exodus

On the final day at Bilderberg 2012 as the global elite were scurrying away Press For Truth captured exclusive footage of Bilderberg Steering Committee member Heather Reisman. Heather is the CEO of Indigo books and editor of Huffington Post Canada. She is integral in finding and recruiting new up and coming attendees at the annual conference.
Other attendees that we captured in this video are currently unconfirmed. Please email with any information

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  1. This is achieving nothing. All they hear is “Moo”, and from what I’ve seen
    they enjoy the attention. Instead they need to be ignored, cut out of all
    business concerning us. Instead of shouting, people need to be running as
    independant members of parliament, etc. to take their places. Instead of
    uniting in jeers people need to be uniting in non-compliance to unfair
    things. For example in Ireland the majority of the population refused to
    pay unfair tax, far too many to make threats workable.


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