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SHOCKING NEW INTERVIEW! CHEMTRAILS Kristen Meghan USAF Air Force Whistle Blower! USAF - Conspiracy Theory Truth


SHOCKING NEW INTERVIEW CHEMTRAILS SHOCKING NEW INTERVIEW! CHEMTRAILS Kristen Meghan US Air Force Whistle Blower! US Air Force Whistle Blower! Kristen Meghan Edwards.

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  1. If Anyone wants to see a paid gov DeBunker in Action, Look below and see
    comments by Greg McKee. Please reply to his disinformation with facts. 

    troll, then well just troll somewhere else! If your not just a disinfo
    troll then WATCH this video- ( I DARE ya!)

  3. If anyone wants to see a Professional CHEMTRAILS Debunker in action, check
    out all the comments made by aszi77 – EVERYONE Please help me reply to
    his attack posts, with bad language, name calling and swear words-

  4. LOTS of gov paid TROLLS commenting on this video, they are attacking
    everyone pretty hard, please reply to them for me- See all the comments!
    This video is making them all nervous! 

  5. Chemtrails
    The secret government has been spraying the skies throughout North America
    since late 1997 on an almost daily basis with substances that were first
    identified as “mystery contrails”, but later were dubbed “chemtrails” by
    investigative reporter and author William Thomas. When questioned, military
    and government officials either deny any knowledge of these spraying’s
    outright or they offer unbelievable and ludicrous explanations that only a
    moron could believe. These spraying’s are making many people sick and are
    the first phase of a bio-warfare operation designed to effect wide scale
    population reduction .. Find out what’s going on.

  6. I just posted a video full of pictures. No longer theory, it’s fact! thanks
    for doing the right thing Kristen we cannot allow AGENDA 21 World
    Depopulation, Georgia Guidestones say only 500,000,000 get to live and
    serve the elite.

  7. Air Force whistleblower, this lady is a real warrior to come forth as she
    has. If more people in the middle of it all would do the same, then, we all
    might be able to breath again and the environment can heal.

  8. Please Share this!
    This Former USAF Veteran of 9 years is making the TROLLS nervous!
    ChemTrails Whistle Blower! Shes 1-00% credible and they know it! 

  9. Sollte sich der Kachelmann mal anschauen , der uns als
    Verschwörungstheoritiker und als Nazies bezeichnet…..So ein A…h……

  10. This woman is nothing but an attention seeker. She is not a chemtrail
    whistleblower, and the only thing she does is talk, talk, talk, and pretend
    to be important and knowledgeable. But in fact she has no evidence for
    anything, and she is not knowledgeable. She has not shown up any evidence
    for chemtrails. She just read the chemtrail conspiracist web sites and
    stupidly regurgitates all the bullshit she read.

  11. ANYONE that would like to see Kristen’s Credentials- watch this video, at
    the END of it she displays her Award and Certification Certificates!

  12. The first person who ever mentioned chemtrails and HAARP to me works at an
    Air Force base and is in a very high level position. When I asked, “Is any
    of that stuff real?” the answer was, “You bet it is.” Wake up, America.
    I’ve done water tests, too, five of them, and they’re coming back with
    abnormally high levels of aluminum and barium.

  13. It blows my mind that people are honestly so stupid, that they are unable
    to look up and not get the fact that trails coming from aircraft which do
    not dissipate, just linger and spread out for miles is not condensation.
    Just straight stupid people. Look up and watch the damn shit turn the whole
    sky to a haze. 

  14. Las Vegas is really getting smacked with chem trails…..our blue skies
    have turned to cloudy days almost everyday, unless it is very windy…
    People need to wake up about this

  15. I thought this was the craziest conspiracy theory I’d ever heard until we
    went to Great Basin National Park in Nevada. This park is about as pure,
    high in the mountains, as it gets. There’s a little stream that flows
    through the camping area, that years ago you could drink from. Last year
    there was a sign reading: “Water has aluminum contamination- undrinkable”
    What???? I looked up into the mountains and wondered, ‘where can that be
    coming from?”
    Then I looked up and saw 5 chemtrails directly overhead….

  16. Yes, big congratulations to you! they tried to do that to me the govt. with
    greenpeace with me we won our supreme court battle against the nz govt. i
    am glad to know of you. know this, i am
    /was a outspoken new zealand self made environmentalist. even the nz labs,
    the so called nz govt ministrys. they freak out, policy procedures where
    already in place way back, but they went ignored. New Zealand did not even
    have its own EPA until i forced it to be established here. the usa congress
    was very interested in all i had to say even inviting me to speak at some
    big convention way back in 2002, that i declined due to the cost of
    travel/flights etc… Since then… well now. I stood for council was
    attacked seriously injured, but the cool thing is this, i stood on stage
    with microphone in hand and spoke to my town, stated that the council
    sucked, and reasons why eg. raw sewage discharged into river, tsweage
    ttreatment plant been broken for over 40years just 3 pumps working! the
    use on 1080 the non target species dying from contamination eg. humans
    unborn children, contaminated water supplys, it is not the flu it is
    poisoning from sodiummonofluroacetate dude. the govt ministers own that
    poison patent and call all those that speak up the truth about it as
    mental, or organise to kill them off in some horrid fashion, /stop you
    being employed/ stop you earning. i asked for help before from other
    nations. they tried saying i was a unfit parent. what lies. i know
    exactly how you feel. i had what happen to you happen to me

  17. It occurred to me that the word “chemtrail” just shuts off people’s brains.
    Even Geoengineering seems farfetched to many. The other day I was looking
    at a clear, bright blue sky, the day after a snow storm, and I saw a single
    plane fly by with a short contrail that disappeared, as it should, about 10
    or 12 plane lengths behind it. I thought, WOW, there’s a CLEAN contrail.
    And then I realized the other, persisting, lingering, cloud dispensing
    streaks are DIRTY contrails. And then I realized how I can talk about this
    to others without being labeled a tinfoil hat conspiracy theorist. How
    people (who are not necessarily awake) can make the jump to actually SEEING
    what is going on in the skies: Present the these streaks as simply
    pollution, like dirty car exhaust.

    We got rid of smog by cleaning up dirty car emissions. Now we have to clean
    up smog in our upper atmosphere by cleaning up dirty plane emissions. It
    doesn’t matter why it’s there. That it is there is enough. So, now my
    battle cry is: Get rid of dirty contrails, and the pollution of our
    atmosphere from additives in the jet fuels.

  18. They are chemtrailing the sky directly over my house right this
    minute..the sky looks like a big white waffle from horizon to
    horizon….what really sickens me….there is NOT ONE senator or
    congressman who will demand an investigation.

  19. Elizabeth Di Francesca · Edit

    It is not extremely controversial and there is no division other then
    those so brain damaged and chemically altered they can no longer think
    …………….there is more then enough evidence if you get past personal
    interviews for social image and actually study yourself

  20. Light & Blessings!

    We are know we’ve signed to be on this planet at a pivotal time in our
    history. I think this is an important & rare video, which explains
    Chemtrail activity & new developments. It probably won’t last long on the
    internet but seems legit from all my cross references.

    The second video is by a former Chemtrail pilot.

    Please pass these on if you’re so guided and share any solutions you may
    know about (self & planetary protection) aside from sending light,
    prayer-work and raiding consciousness & awareness.

    Sending you all my love & gratitude for being the lights you are!
    Our world is better because YOU are in it!




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