Excepts of Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) from the documentary “FIAT EMPIRE – Why the Federal Reserve Violates the U.S. Constitution.” Dr. Paul discusses the or…


  1. This is from JAN 17, 2007! This man knows what he’s talking about!!!!

  2. Cleveland Lanthrip

    also bernanke, greenspan, and likeminded bankers and economists who push
    fractional reserve banking and the central banking system are the root of
    ALL evil in america

  3. Charles Spicer

    Watch /watch?v=n4em7VeCHSs and /watch?v=7R4yEqdKYyM to make sure that you
    have not been brainwashed and have an accurate pitcture of things !!!! Ron
    Paul for President.

  4. TheChineseNinja95

    Tbh he probably would’ve been killed just like JFK

  5. fuck googlePLUS

    Dr.Paul just gave you… *puts on sunglasses* the diagnoses

  6. Frank Duckett

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  7. ItsMySexyLooks

    oops sorry British guy…


    @nsdtr01 hmmm… I’m trying to get a good picture of the issue.. Any good
    book, paper or video suggestion?

  9. Legal tender isn’t made out of thin air! It’s made out of paper! Why is
    gold worth anything? You can’t do much with it except use it as a conductor
    maybe. Ooh, I’m brainwashed!

  10. MasterOfSparks

    @doogleandalix Modeled his life philosophy on the books of a woman who sent
    love letters to a man in prison for kidnapping a 12 year old girl for
    ransom and then chopping her up for kicks. Ayn Rand called him a
    "superman". Your idol is a psycho.

  11. @Southparkateer2 I can’t, I’m British.

  12. One of the first things that has to be done is to audit and inventory.
    Without those numbers nothing can move forward. But it also will show paper
    trails and discrepancies The shit will hit the fan. The Dr. will have to
    operate to remove the cancer within our system. or we die.

  13. Banks own the world. its too late

  14. They are! And the media might have covered him up to the morons like you,
    but I live nowhere near America but have managed to read, and follow his
    policies for years. He’s frilled Fed officials, and congressmen in front of
    the house committee. If you missed all that, with all the media available,
    it justifies how stupid I think you are.

  15. I think Ron Paul is the person we really need right now, but he is wrong
    about one thing. He said that Allen Greenspan kept this central bank system
    going longer than anyone. The Roman Empire kept a central bank system from
    bankrupting them longer than any other nation. They operated under this
    system for about 500 years, which is about 400 years longer than we have so
    far. This country will collapse long before another 400 years goes by, at
    the rate we are going into debt.

  16. firstonethrough

    watch truth in comedy: Ron Paul questions Obama on Letterman

  17. fuck the federal reserve AND the gold standard. we need executive order

  18. Southparkateer2

    @Dendiol Don’t pray, vote!

  19. 03SilverMustangGT

    Has anyone ever argued against Ron Paul on this topic? I'd like to see it.

  20. ZeinaSereia10

    @er1cmaurer hahahaha i agree about the random cheezy music, so annoying

  21. VD vigilanteofdemocracy

    someone must start shooting those “New World Order” pigs, lets start with
    them, we might not even need to murder 4/5 of the world population to see a
    good change!!

  22. Jon Arnbuckle

    @MrClockwork2007 Actually the act of printing money is one of the largest
    expenses for our banking system because of reserves and competitive
    interest rates. The federal reserve can easily print money, but they don’t
    do so without a cost. Moreover, its government appointed Board of Governors
    that set the policy based on the goals and budget provided to them by
    Congress, and the federal reserve banks just execute the policies.

  23. Terrorists indeed…. “I believe that banking institutions are more
    dangerous to our liberties than standing armies.” Thomas Jefferson.

  24. theCheeseyCheese

    I wish I’ve been to “American”, I live in America though… But whatever,
    you’re entitled to your own opinion, despite your lack of proper evidence,
    and insistence on using irrational beliefs derived (most likely) from
    subjective views that were also most likely influenced by media and
    naysayers of other people’s cultural differences.

  25. Ashley Bradford

    Goddamn. What an idiot. Maybe his supporters should listen to the top
    economists in the country and less to an ex OBGYN.

  26. @doogleandalix you forgot to mention he is the only candidate that is not a
    member of the evil bilderberg group including obama , ron paul is also
    against s-510 bill, which will be implemented after 2012 elections , when
    it will be illegal to grow ,share, sale any vegetables or lifestock raised
    in the gardens of american citizens , 1ST US politicians want to destroy
    the middle class 2nd they want to stop them from been at least food
    independent 3rd they want to abolish freedom and liberties

  27. I always thought there was something odd about Ron Paul’s argument. If we
    switch to gold and they have cornered the gold market hook, line and
    sinker, shall we not be in worse state? I say go the National Bank option.

  28. @nowthatsinteresting1 “Explains a lot – the instability in the system (our
    economy crashes every 10 years like clockwork)” It sounds like you think
    there was no instability and no crashes under the gold standard.

  29. @nowthatsinteresting1 We had fractional reserve banking under the gold

  30. CodenameBourbon

    calling him a politician should be inaccurate, he's way too honest! A term
    "stateman" should do.

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