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Rise of a New World Order [PART III] - Depopulation Agenda (Chemtrails, GMO, Vaccine Conspiracy) - Conspiracy Theory Truth

Rise of a New World Order [PART III] – Depopulation Agenda (Chemtrails, GMO, Vaccine Conspiracy)

New World Order: a conspiracy by the richest and most powerful people on the Earth, which control the government/corporatracy and the Big Banks (collectively known as “the Super Entity”) to seize global control as the elite ruling class.

Beginning with 9/11, the powers that be orchestrated a horrific terrorist attack which provided the justification to declare war, pass the patriot act, and create the survelliance state.

Then, the surplus war material flows to domestic law enforcement so as to quell rebellion and dissent as the Super Entity collapses the world economy and redeploys financial resources from the people to itself through massive bailouts that our leaders passed against the people’s wishes. This bankrupts entire communities, steals their savings, and forces the population to focus on their next meal or finding their next job, instead of the tyranny unfolding all around them. As the housing market is consumed by the Super Entity, the Big Banks now turn from shelter to the other essentials of life – food and water.

This sets the stage for the final phase of the rise of the new world order – the global depopulation of the world’s citizenry by a massive, coordinated, and full spectrum campaign of poisioning our air, water, food, and bodies through vaccines, GMO laden food, chemtrails, and flouride in our water.

Will humanity fight for freedom? A new world order rises, but will it be Theirs – or Ours…

“We are as a people, inherently and historically, opposed to secret societies, secret oaths, and secret proceedings. For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covet means to expand its sphere of influence – on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice. It is a system that has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit and highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligece, economic, scientific, and political operations…” – John F. Kennedy

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  1. This is the type of stuff that should be mandatory viewed with your family,
    especially children. Make them aware at an early age as to what is really
    going on.

  2. Hate to say it. But the same tune that keeps on going and going after 11:40
    minutes doesn’t really makes me wanna watch the whole frigging 1:23:13

  3. Hidden Heiroglypics · Edit

    Why so many random protestor clips in all of them? Police brutality is
    bad.. but not really anything new to our modern fascist state. Like.. uh
    instead of doing dramatic music to some chemtrails being sprayed why not
    actually link some science shit on chemtrails or some scientists speaking
    about geoengineering… You ever see dutchinsense? He does a good job of
    balancing ideology.. with scientific fact and actual government documents.
    I feel like these anti nwo movement is just too reactionary and in doing
    that you miss the opportunity to present the science in a legitimate and
    unbias way.

    Like Alex Jones.. makes everyone who believes in any of this shit.. look
    batshit fucking crazy.. and in a way.. he cheapens the movement for people
    who might be receptive to this shit because everybody just chalks it up
    to.. “well AJ is batshit crazy”. Like a mash-up of obviously state run
    propaganda from fox news.. which is really a horrible source since it’s
    such utter bullshit.. not really a great way of getting your message
    across. Not hatin.. just constructive critcism.. not everyone who opposes
    the depopulation agenda is a far right wing religious fundamentalist and
    its a shame that.. the extremism reaction-ism makes the movement kind of..
    shoot itself in the foot.

  4. I dont know why we call the elite the elite, they are more akin to a mad
    rabid dog that has to be put down. Great work by the way SS.

  5. If you have the time to think why are they spraying our sky with these
    chemtrails, then you’ll love this video by SuspectSky, please share and
    spread the truth, the world needs to know who’s really behind the Cancers
    of the Earth.

  6. Concrete proof we are being secretly poisoned in our Water, Food, Air and
    Vaccines! Everyone should watch this, and realise the truth behind the
    lies… And yes, CHEMTRAILS ARE REAL!!

    Absolutely fantastic watch!!

  7. Excellent Video! I would suggest this to anyone that is wondering about
    some of those ‘myths’ rolling around in the interwebs. 

  8. Where have all the trolls gone? I’m disappointed! They are usually all over
    anything with chemtrail in the description. We are still getting our
    regular daily dosage here in Melbourne, Australia. I will miss the
    regularity and predictability when the program is finally ended and am
    worried that the lack of chemicals then will cause me withdrawals!

  9. Bravo man I cannot tell you how many of my friends and I find your work to
    be stellar and that was just the space videos then you have been doing this
    series and while we are all aware of the topics you explore them so damn
    well that I actually have began reccomending them to people wanting to
    learn more. Anyways terrific work and I have been a sub of yours for a very
    long time and can honestly say I get hyped for every video you put up to
    this day!

  10. Suspect Sky is the best at presentation and production quality. I have been
    looking foward to this release for some time. I know most of this material
    already.,However if you wish to share this subject matter with others you
    feel are willing to accept this truth you will be hard pressed to do so
    given the lack of professionalism and fear tactics others demonstrate in
    thier videos. Wonderful work as always SS! Be well.No fear. 

  11. Interesting – halfway through this video I lost my entire internet
    connection. Was suddenly waiting for the door to get knocked in! Realizing
    how totally unprepared for that I would be. But, just reset the wifi modem
    and continued. Anyway losing the connection mid-video was uncomfortably
    weird. Made me want to say: BE CAREFUL, Suspect Sky. Watch your back. Have
    a plan. And thank you so much for making these videos. You are performing a
    true public service.

  12. Been waiting for this. Thanks for the uploads, and hopefully people can
    wake up. 2016 shall be judgment day for us to take back or society.

  13. Anyone else lost internet connection mid-way through but manage to get it
    back on? Something might be on us.. Besides that, Great video S. S.. Where
    can i contact you? Need to tell you important info. Very important……. 

  14. After everything is completely destroyed and there is no more reason to
    live, I hope the bloody well provide free and instant suicide booths. Zap

  15. Excellent, well organized tip-of-the-iceberg compilation, sir. It’s a great
    video to show people who really haven’t had much exposure to these subjects.

    Just one, and only one, critique: the music score. It’s infuriating at
    times, especially during the segment on fluoridation of our water supply. I
    had to re-listen 3 times to catch most of it.

  16. “They” aren’t wrong about population, China may have some advise on
    that…. As for global warming… likely the serious loss of Ozone, causing
    extreme UV across a large swath of the suns foot print, heating the Land,
    Ocean, Atmosphere.. more energy in, more energy to disperse thru nasty
    weather… great video, thank you..


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