Reptilians, chemtrails, harrp

Reptilians, chemtrails, harrp

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  1. The planes that hit the towers were modified to become more like missiles.
    They were not passenger planes. They were not “holograms” either… but
    they were photoshopped into the video to make them look real. You were
    right about the way they hit the building like a road-runner “cartoon”.
    Aluminum wings would never be able to slice through metal like that. The
    TV stations all read scripts to make the story seem real but it was 110%
    fake. Both buildings were rigged with explosives to bring them down. The
    jet fuel could never melt steel under any circumstances.

  2. You got a lot of things right. (1) HAARP actually interacts with the
    ionosphere to push it out into space. The air beneath it is sucked up with
    it to move the jet stream pattern to modify the climate (secret climate
    change). – Warm air is moved north and cold air is moved south to
    effectively melt arctic ice for oil companies to drill and navigate the
    arctic seas.(2) HAARP can vibrate the ionosphere to produce earthquakes.
    There is much more. The drought in California is caused by chemtrails to
    soak up the moisture in the clouds to prevent rain.. Climate change and
    global warming is a hoax…Most of the warming is created with chemtrails
    and other electromagnetic devices and radar that control the metallic
    particles in the chemtrails.


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