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  1. People dont insult pls, I will remove those messages and No Commercial
    links, I will remove them also, If they are links about this and not making
    money out it, then I won’t remove it.

  2. maureen zammit tabona · Edit


  3. Why do people find this so hard to believe??? I can’t think of any reason
    for all of these doctors and scientists and cancer patients to lie about

  4. it’s crazy how you can find all these testimonies on cannabis and all the
    bennefits what a wonderful plant but what is insane is that the government
    sells you all these treaments and pills that cause several side effects and
    in alot of cases dont help or you die from them anyway all because of
    politics and lineing the right pockets and not to help someone who is ill
    and dying what really gets me is that the gov. wants there share of
    whatever comes from the eventuall legalization of this miracle plant after
    denying it to us and lying about it for all these years for that they dont
    deserve a thing. we have a right to find a cure for ourselves especally
    when modern medicine cant help you and the denial of that right is odvious
    in the case of cannabis thank you for this video it was very informative

  5. B17 vitamins can also help prevent and even cure cancer, sure weed and hemp
    oil too.
    Don’t believe the government they just want to profit from selling you the
    treatment and the meds, especially over there in USA, what a scam your
    healthcare system is, so glad I don’t live in the corporation that is

  6. Decarboxylation – When making cannabis oil for treating late stage cancer
    it is important to understand decarboxylation. Cannabis in raw/unheated
    form is primarily THCA, which converts to active THC through heat and time.
    While some very slow and gradual decarboxylation does occur at temperatures
    as low as room temp during drying and curing stages of weed preparation it
    is not until higher heats a…re encountered that all THCA is converted to
    THC. If you are making cannabis oil you need to make sure the oil is cooked
    sufficiently to complete full decarb. Raw cannabis is very beneficial and
    cannabinoid acids like THCA, along with naturally present terpenes, are
    believed to be very beneficial with possible anti cancer properties.
    However, it is active THC, and CBD, that has the majority of clinical and
    anecdotal evidence supporting its cancer killing effects. So, based on what
    is currently known, cannabis oil that is most potent in THC content is
    likely going to be the most potent medicine for curing cancer.
    Raw cannabis in the form of juices and unheated oils are beneficial too and
    would make a great addition to someone’s treatment, but should not replace
    cooked cannabis oil, and often require much larger quantities for
    therapeutic value. Raw or partially cooked oils will contain a wider range
    of components including cannabinoid acids and terpenes, which are lost when
    oils are fully cooked, but THC is the most essential cannabinoid for
    fighting cancer so make sure you decarb your medicine properly to maximise
    its potency.
    The Rick Simpson method only guarantees partial decarb from the rice cooker
    stage, and while full decarboxylation can be achieved with the use of a
    coffee warmer or candle warmer it can take some time to complete this
    process and other gentle heating devices may not be hot enough. Many of the
    solvents used have boiling points below the optimum temps for full and
    rapid decarb. If you do not have a coffee/candle warmer, of even if you do,
    it is recommended to put your oil in the oven at 110 degrees Celsius for
    about an hour (optimum temperature range is 110c to 130c/230F to 266F).
    Visible bubbling will cease when the solvent and water, along with volatile
    terpenes, are boiled off. But you will see very small pin prick explosions
    on the surface of the oil during decarboxylation. When this has ceased and
    there is no activity on the surface of the oil at temps of 110c or above,
    then you know that decarboxylation is complete. While you want to ensure
    that temperature does exceed 110 degrees Celsius for decarb, it is also
    advised to stay below 140 as temps above 140 can lead to a loss of THC
    through vaporisation or degradation to CBN.
    In an ideal world everyone would have access to both raw and cooked
    cannabis in a well controlled manner, but in this world where oil making
    can be expensive and risky it is best to make sure your medicine is as
    potent as it can be to maximise its potential.

  7. its crazy that people still dismiss the huge, wide ranging medical benefits
    of cannabis. it can help with nearly every single illness humans have ever
    had, either by cure or re leaving the symptoms

  8. It’s nothing new, people have been using the herb for 1000´s of years.
    People today are just blinded by a propaganda scheme launched by nylon- oil
    companies and well paid lobbyist on government level in 1968. That
    propaganda campaign snowballed in to the hysteria and web of lies and false
    “facts” about Cannabis. Because it got graded as a illegal narcotic all
    studies of positive effects have been denied.

  9. I’m not a pot head and in fact I have never wanted to even try pot (I can’t
    stand the smell!). But a week ago I was diagnosed with stage 1 ovarian
    cancer that is low grade. The oncologist I saw wants me to do chemo no
    matter what! I’m going to be 22 in June and I don’t have any kids. Chemo
    can cause infertility and the fact that the drugs would have to be more
    specific for ovarian cancer, those drugs increase the chance of infertility
    even more! I feel like this oncologist doesn’t understand what I’m going
    through. I have already had to accept the fact I may never become a
    veterinarian (which has been my dreams since I was little) but now she
    wants me to push off graduation and take a chance of never having my own
    children! I’ve been doing research and now they are starting to do
    bio-therapy (use antibodies and so on) but they only like to try that stuff
    on the advanced cancers. I can’t find an organization (at least not through
    the internet) that would be willing to try bio-therapy on me as a
    preventative by keeping cancer cells away. But now I’m researching hemp and
    hemp oil and I might just try that. I know that there is always a chance of
    my cancer coming back but hopefully it will prevent it. If it doesn’t then
    I guess I will do the chemo or something else but I want to avoid that
    stuff as long as possible!

  10. Who does one sue for the genocide of unnecessary deaths from cancer? I
    suspect the same people and corporations who have grown rich from the
    Federal Reserve Bankster scam that has impoverished us all. 

  11. Bible quote, “I put all PLANTS and animals of this earth for you to use”.
    I wonder why a long time ago cancer was not much of an issue. But once
    cannabis was illegal there was a cancer bloom in the world!!! HMMMMMM 

  12. TheWanderingWizard · Edit

    Studies Show That Chemotherapy Success Rates Sucks!
    Perhaps 2 ½ to 3 Percent of the Time.
    So Many Studies Show Cannabis Cures Cancer.
    Have We Totally Lost Our Freakin’ Minds?

    Why Do We Allow Them to Get Rich,
    By Killing Us Off Slowly and Painfully!!?
    The Government Was Intended to Work for Us,
    Though Profiteer have Turned That Around Badly.

    Chemotherapy Ineffective 97% of The Time

  13. About bloody time people… IE the Governments wake the hell up. We’ve all
    missed out of cancer cures and MANY MANY other awesome things to help FIX
    the body… We even USED HEMP for many years until some fools decided it
    was ruining their profits of other plants, so make it illegal. MORONS. I
    know many who have used it almost daily for the past 50+ years, and they’re
    all still alive and of sound mind, little t no medical issues. 


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