Paul Walker Assassination Conspiracy Theory

The Paul Walker assassination theories are starting –On the Bonus Show: A global rise in meat consumption, Will cops cross the line if they think they are…

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  1. Perhaps part of a disinformation programme. Try to start conspiracy
    theories all the time, so that when you really do something, it just gets
    counted as another crazy conspiracy theory. You yourself have reported that
    Fox has a paid social media trolling staff, why would it be so far fetched
    that the gov. does the same. Considering all these NSA revelations, nothing
    is too far fetched nowadays.

  2. as king of the Illuminati i have to go on record saying we did not kill
    Paul Walker. we only removed him from the public spotlight.

    he is one of our operatives and we needed his services on our secret island
    base (the same island where we hid the 9/11 flight passengers when we
    launched our holographic missile energy beam weapon nuke false flag
    attack). you see, JFK and Elvis are getting up in years and we need someone
    with some sense to look after Hitler’s brain which we are keeping alive in
    a jar. Bigfoot just couldnt be trusted with this sort of task so we had to
    recall Mr Walker.

    sorry for the inconvenience.

  3. I know nothing about the facts of this case besides what I’ve heard here.
    However, one thing seems particularly idiotic about the conspiracy theory.
    That the idea of a drone strike, with what sounds like pathetic level of
    substantiation, is more credible than the idea of street racing or speeding
    gone wrong. A frickin drone strike. Like if someone secretly wanted him
    dead they wouldn’t find a less OTT and slightly easier method to cover up.

  4. You can play the conspiracy game with absolutely anything. In eastern
    Africa all deaths, whether natural or accidental, can be blamed on
    witchcraft. In north America it’s a government conspiracy.
    This one even surprises me. Drone strikes leave a lot of evidence, they
    are very obvious. The missile doesn’t just disappear after striking and the
    damage to the car is very easy to recognize.
    The dishonesty of American media and its politicians creates a rich
    environment for conspiracy and woo woo religious ideas and ‘theories’.

  5. Well one thing I can explain to David and Louis – IF there are powerful
    people who can fake assassinations to look like accidents, they would leave
    lots of clues so ad to be “in your face.” This is designed to scare people
    into submission.

  6. Those ‘theorists’ need to realize that something strange or surreal is
    going to happen every single year. If a celebrity dies, it shouldn’t be so
    crazy that it’s deemed fake; that’s just ridicules 

  7. Almost every celebretie death that has happend we try to find some
    connections that it is a conspiracy….. some o fthem are some of them are
    just us wanting something…anyways Paul Walkere has died R.I.P…….

  8. Best way to discredit real conspiracy theories is to make one for
    everything, any everyday event that happens.
    Soon any and all real information is clouded.

  9. James Dean died in a car crash, 6 years before Obama was born. BUT I still
    think there’s motive that the Obamas wanted James Dean dead. The facts are
    there like that list 

  10. Who cares about conspiracies? If you work in the ‘devil’s industrie’, he
    might use you to demonstrate his power through the secret societies. 

  11. oh and also have any of you fucktards thought that maybe the reason for all
    these illuminati conspiracies is because Hollywood and the music industry
    promote them so much. Rihanna, jay z, lady gaga, kanye west and the
    kardashians (just look at their sick “Christmas” card this year) are all a
    bunch of attention whores and posers that insert these “illuminati symbols”
    all over the place. my personal opinion is it’s either just marketing, or
    these scumbags think the aura and power of the supposed illuminati is sexy
    and mysterious. like how people think the mafia is cool.

  12. Geez people are morons, why cant someone dying just die by a natural cause
    or in Paul’s case by a car accident and have it not be a whole conspiracy?
    seriously.. people die all the time in car accidents, natural causes, plane
    crashes etc.. so why would this be any different? people need to shut up
    and stop blaming the government for every single death and saying it was an
    Assassination attempt. Let Paul and his friend who also died in the
    accident and everyone else rest in peace. 


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