Obamanomicon by The Creature From Jekyll Island

Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are secretly robots controlled by powerful banking interests. These robots with a horde of zombies are on a mission to squash any who oppose the New World Order. Can the Creature from Jekyll Island defeat them with the help of Ron Paul?

The Creature from Jekyll Island is:
Jeffrie A. Moir and Colby Johnson

Aivan Walker as Barack Obama
Braun Bullock as Mitt Romney
Timothy McGaffin II as Ron Paul

Haley Grow as Miriam Rothschild
James Donahue as Mayer Rothschild VI
Andrew McComas as Cornelius Rockefeller III

Zombie fight team:
Kelli Borrowman
Austin Kennedy
Christina Kennedy
CJ Borsani
Braun Bullock
Aivan Walker
Desiree Turner
Mary Kashishian
Kiera Medina
Brady Wilkinson
Anita Jo Johnson
Alek Rets
Preston Ard
Emily Ard
Dalton Wilkinson

Produced by: Jeffrie A. Moir
Directors: Jeffrie A. Moir, Sean Michael Phillips
Editors: Jeffrie A. Moir, Sean Michael Phillips
Director of Photography: Kate Moir
Camera Crew: Kate Moir, David S. Moir, Sean Michael Phillips

Makeup Artists: Jeffrie A. Moir, Kate Moir, Kjirsten Phillips

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  1. Timothy McGaffin II · Edit

    Just like the lyrics of the song say, the parallels between Nazi Germany
    and America today are extremely similar. History is repeating itself until
    enough people stop being zombies…


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