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NEW WATER ORDER: CA Drought, Chemtrails, and the Global Elite Connection - Conspiracy Theory Truth

NEW WATER ORDER: CA Drought, Chemtrails, and the Global Elite Connection

Jerry Brown just announced new laws that will be enforced on California to preserve water in the worst drought of California in recent record. I speculate that there is a connection between this drought, chemtrails, and the global elite quietly buying up all the fresh water resources across the world. This is most certainly a systematic attempt to create the problem, and provide the solution…more regulations because we all know that the government is our savior.

CA Drought

NY Times on Jerry Brown

Global Research NWO Water Barons

CA Chem Trails

More of Chem Trails

Astronaut Perspective

More from Astronaut

Fresh Water Tech Patent





AGE OF DECEIT: Fallen Angels and the New World Order (2011)

AGE OF DECEIT 2: Alchemy and the Rise of the Beast Image (2014)

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  1. Something to consider folks. I quote this in my book, but General Douglas
    Macarthuer back in the 1960’s mentioned this in his speech.

    “You now face a new world, a world of change…We speak in strange terms:
    of harnessing the cosmic energy; of making winds and tides work for us; of
    creating unheard synthetic materials to supplement or even replace our old
    standard basics; *of purifying sea water for our drink; of mining ocean
    floors for new fields of wealth and food*; of disease preventatives to
    expand life into the hundred of years; *of controlling the weather for a
    more equitable distribution of heat and cold, of rain and shine*…of such
    dreams and fantasies as to make life the most exciting of all time.”

    They might have had good intentions, but messing with nature might have
    caused all of this. And the elite know it. That’s why they are buying up
    all the land with fresh resources.


  2. When are you and MOST of the ”audience” going to get it through your
    STUPID brains…..the LAWS were only made for you LITTLE sheeple, not for
    ENTITIES of Corporations OR Corporate Federal Governments. Water has for
    THOUSANDS of years been MAN ipulated to herd and control…..Today,
    again…..its to CONtrol the herd, make YOU pay for lovely FLOURIDE water
    AND tax you at the same time for your air your breathing…….so much so,
    your air forces MILLIONS to have drugs and breathing equipement. Its
    CONtrol, MONEY and EUGENICS all wrapped up by YOU little people that WORK
    FOR these Corporations under your stupid reason that YOU need THEIR MONEY
    to subsist. Great PRISON planet WE have enabled them to build, for without
    YOU joining their BANKING armies and working for THEIR Corporations in
    THEIR guide lined LAWS as a ”willing” SLAVE……non of this would
    actually be owned by royal inbred idiots and Bush family shit for
    brains!!!!!!!!!! Special thanx to the NAZI Vatican Corporation and Isreal
    Zionist corporation globally that run the U.N. AND ALL of you that insist
    that your ‘democracy’ vote counts! LOLOLOLOL Yea, your vote counts like the
    computer casino games! LOL
    Oh, by the way idiots INC. this channel “facelike the SUN” works for the
    SAME agenda…..remember its all about FEAR, Devide and Conquare and
    repeating THEIR history (aka, HIS STORY…..channeled shit)

  3. controlfreakssuckass · Edit


  4. The chemicals in the Chemtrails absorb the water droplets in the clouds. I
    do not understand how anyone could possibly deny this is happening.
    Scientists are calling this stuff out left and right, but some government
    pairs official says they are Contrails and a meteorologist says they are
    Contrails and oh it’s a conspiracy. These people who started this program
    of filling up our skies with all that junk are evil. Every Californian
    needs to go outside and take pictures of clouds moving in and the planes
    running up and down the coast chemtrailling the heck out of them. With date
    stamps. No clouds rolling in? Are they still spraying that much? Nobody is
    going to do anything but at least maybe wake some people up.

  5. I live in CA and see it almost everyday. We had a week of pure blue skies
    and then they were back at it. My allergies are off the chart this year. I
    read they are diverting the Jetstream further north so it cut’s across
    above California. It must be true, we see the east with record storms. The
    reason, well if you believe it I heard it was to direct water to Monsanto
    owned farms. Who truly knows but were in for a rough ride

  6. It’s a sick mind to think water should not be a natural right……It’s
    this same concept they are pushing with this bullshit carbon footprint
    idea. The air isn’t free and we should be taxed for breathing. These
    corrupt soulless corporations rape and pollute the earth and then have
    there media arm tell us we are killing the earth by breathing and having
    children, enough to convince much of the population that we are the
    problem, the manipulation is so over the top and we allow it like it’s
    normal. Things are going to change one way or another hopefully for the
    better but more likely for worse.

  7. thevictorianvillage · Edit

    International Space Station is a joke. Watch this video where an astronaut
    is caught lying about being on the ISS when they are really in the USA.

  8. FLTS, Im in Northern CA. If people believe this is mother nature than they
    can sell them on anything. Chemtrail and haarp is the problem. Control the
    water, control food, control the people. I love your work! If you want to
    get together and talk I would love to. Hell, even my immediate family
    thinks I’m nuts. JB from Fremont

  9. Who are these people supposedly buying these water rights from? Who is
    claiming that they own, and can sell, all the water in the world? No one
    owns the world’s water — not individuals, and not corporations. How does
    someone suddenly make the claim that they own the water? No one owned it
    before, so no one owns it now, which means that no one can sell exclusive
    rights to it. This reminds me of the movie “Tank Girl.”

  10. If most Californians still insist upon viewing the apocalyptic, horizon to
    horizon aerosol spraying campaigns unveiling above their own heads,
    everyday, as merely heated jet exhaust, then even the talents of the best
    documentarian on YouTube, Gonz Shimura, will likely face doubt. Hopefully
    the Public will eventually awaken to the plight of the intentional and
    diabolical attack that we all suffer in California.

    For the hold-outs lingering in doubt and denial, please check out Barium
    Blues. And get ready, there is more coming than denaturing Californian
    soils with Aluminum Oxides suitable for only Monsanto terminator seeds to
    grow, or dead red blood cells and exotic mycoplasmas floating at 30
    thousand feet, but HAARP, geosynchronous satellites and the Strontium
    Barium niobate in the Chemtrails will eventually give us a virtual reality
    show. Get ready for the BIG SHOW; They will make the entire sky a panorama
    vision screen to fulfill part of the Great Delusion with a hoaxed Alien
    Invasion from outer space, as was forecasted in the Iron Mountain Report,
    and the warnings of Hitler’s favorite engineer, Warner Von Braun of NASA.

  11. What do we do about chemtrails? It makes me frustrated when I see them
    because I can do nothing about them, if I stop breathing I die.

  12. Lets get things opened up shall we? NWO = JWO. For you slow folks out
    there, that’s JEW World Order. See, International Jews own and control
    every single Corporation listed in the video quoting the Global Research
    article shown at about 1:30 in. That’s right JEWS. Don’t believe me, do
    your own research, read all 24 of the PROTOCOLS OF ZION, see what top
    Rabbis, the Talmud and former heads of Israel say about the World’s 7
    Billion Goyim. Ask yourselves why our “government” (and I use the term
    humorously) allows the UN-Constitutional Federal Reserve and it’s thug
    enforcement arm the IRS to exist? Why is 9/11 still covered up by our lying
    “government” and media? WHY? Why Indeed. Because they are all owned and
    controlled by the International JEW. Big boy pants time bitches…..big boy
    pants…put em on!

  13. I think the global elite are moving from and oil based method of world
    domination to a water based method. The oil based crisis they have
    perpetrated on humanity for the past sixty years doesn’t have a
    multi-pronged penalty to the masses. With oil, there are substitutes such
    as solar, electric etc,, and nobody is really going to die directly from a
    lack of oil. Conversely, there is no substitute for water, so they can
    horde it all they want, create shortages, and ultimately it will be a great
    source of wealth for the elite and a source to depopulate the earth as
    people die from lack of water.

  14. Humans are to puny to affect climate. We can’t rely on junk science. It is
    natural variation. Drought is a necessary part of the Mediterranean type
    climate. Foreign agents, in league with Elites are behind claims of
    chemtrails so as to control the World.

  15. You’re seeing part 3 of the elite’s world domination over the people.
    First, they got rid of Tesla, the man who discovered/invented free
    electricity. Well, that’s not gonna make us any money, so they say, let’s
    nip this in the bud.
    Then comes oil. Yep, good ‘ol Rockefeller and Standard Oil along with the
    auto industry started it all. Let’s not bring in alternative fuel sources
    that are less expensive and more viable, that will hurt our bank accounts.
    Now with weather manipulation thru the use of Chemtrails and HAARP, they
    have managed to put themselves in a position to control the one resource
    all living things need to survive,…. water.
    Not only do humans and animals need it, but they have been developing
    hydro-electric automobiles to take the place of combustion engines in
    recent years. Convenient timing, don’t ya think?


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