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Monosodium Glutamate - What is MSG? - Conspiracy Theory Truth

Monosodium Glutamate – What is MSG?

What is MSG? Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) – A powerful flavour enhancer used in many processed foods is extremely toxic. It’s been linked with serious neurological diseases, brain damage, learning difficulties, as well as obesity, eye damage and depression!

Monosodium Glutamate often hides behind other names – so don’t be fooled if you don’t see it on the food label. CHECK for these other ingredients before tucking in.

Find out here: http://www.greenempire.tv/msg-the-silent-killer/

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  1. theres literally nothing wrong with MSG, its widely used in asia and theres
    no fattass problem over there
    if you have a mad 6000 calorie daily food intake however, you will probably
    experience all of the side effects mentioned in the video and probably die
    depressed and fat
    everything is bad for you if you exaderate the amount you take

  2. There’s absolutely no reason why we should eat anything which contains MSG.
    It’s bad for us – end of story. Some people don’t know this, yet others do
    and still choose to eat it!!! Processed, food may be cheaper, and the
    reason it’s cheap is because it’s made out of crap quality ingredients –
    and that’s why MSG needs to be added, because crap usually tastes crap, yet
    with some MSG thrown in, it can taste amazing. But the fact that processed
    food is cheaper is really no argument. The fact that it is quicker is also
    no argument. Do you put a price on your health? What it boils down to is
    priority. People choose to buy unhealthy food because it’s cheaper and
    quicker than cooking real food. The money they may save means they can
    still afford to drive their car, buy clothes or a new phone or make up. The
    time they save means they can spend more time watching tv, working,
    driving…. whatever … sacrificing your health by choosing to eat foods
    laced with MSG is a bad choice and your health will pay for it eventually
    and you really don’t want that. Don’t cut corners when it comes to your
    health – instead eat a whole foods diet of FRESH & NUTRITIONALLY DENSE
    foods. http://www.greenempire.tv/whole-foods-your-health/ 

  3. All I can say with this bitch is she is a fucking liar. I’ve been using MSG
    since birth and I have no illness or what so ever. Thing is, Japanese
    people has the longest lifespan.


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