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Illuminati Predictions for 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 - Conspiracy Theory Truth

Illuminati Predictions for 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016

About that day and hour no one knows
http://youtu.be/H7FmFiqMcR0judgement day
The Illuminati know what is coming September 22-28, 2015 (parts 2-3)

In this 3-part series, I take a look at some of the movies, TV shows, advertisements and other signs that are all pointing us to the time period between September 22-28, 2015, and especially September 23, 2015, the Day of Atonement. I’m quite confident that after watching this you will be convinced that the elite, the illuminati, the world leaders, the Luciferian governments, whatever name you want to give them, are fully aware of what is coming this September and they have known about this date for a very long time. You may be wondering how they could possibly know about this date when Jesus said He didn’t even know about the day or the hour. I would really like to encourage you to read my book for a clear understanding of what I believe Jesus meant by that. I also want you to know that God has a 7000-year plan for mankind, and that after 6000 years, He is planning to set up His New Millennial Kingdom on the earth. Satan knows exactly when this 6000 years will end because he was there when God created the world. Satan has also had thousands of years to study the prophecies and is very likely a highly intelligent creature. He knows when his time is up and his goal is to deceive as many people as he possibly can.

So, why, you might ask, are they hiding this date in so many movies, TV shows, songs and commercials? Well, remember after 911 happened, how so much information came out about the 911 date being hidden in movies and ads, even decades before it ever happened. I believe that Satan has plan B as an alternative deception for those who do not believe the whole alien lie and that is to make them think it was all a “false flag” event for the New World Order to start on the earth. Satan has all his bases covered and both are partly true. Satan is good at twisting the truth to deceive people. There will be a false rapture event, which is a false flag. But you must understand that all of this is meant to be a cover-up for the real rapture event so that the masses left behind do not turn to Christ when they see the prophecies being fulfilled. So if you are one of the people out there saying that all of the events coming in September are just a false flag and false rapture, you are partly correct. But again, it is only a cover up for the real rapture event that is coming in September 2015. I again want to encourage you to read my book to understand how the Scriptures point to September 2015 as the time of the first rapture and start of the days of darkness on the earth.

Please read and download my free book, “The Rapture Puzzle: Putting the Scriptural Pieces together – Day of Atonement 2015 (September 23/24, 2015) Judgment Day”
http://jesusiscoming2016.webs.com/The%20Rapture%20Puzzle.pdf and share this with everyone you can before it is too late.

You can also listen to me read the book by clicking on this link:

Also, please visit my website:

Come to Jesus – the Door is still open (September 23/24, 2015)

How to prepare for what is coming in September 2015

SEPTEMBER 2015: When the Year of lucifer COLLIDES with the Year of Jubilee (5776)

An asteroid or meteor will hit the earth on September 24, 2015 – you have been warned!!!

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  1. Ok so all the 3000,000 people who die in Africa (Sudan) was killed by the
    How about the millions upon millions who died due to natural disasters in
    India and in Asia( typhoons)
    A few people died here and it the end of day all a sudden
    Shut the fuck up. This video is total bullshit
    If illuminati is real and so powerful why did they allow you to post this
    video? Is YouTube Google and Yahoo not controlled by illuminati?….lol
    something to think about

  2. Wow. You really nailed all of these. They are all happening (no there not.
    Big fucking surprise idiot) I hope an actual goat with a 666 on its
    forehead takes a shit on you. You would get tons of views for that if you
    posted it

  3. The sound on this is awful. Good information yet the music is just as bad
    as what is going on…reading this with the sound off …made me
    realize…Anybody notice TSA agents are hired mercenary-lite? Officers and
    Governors and Presidents take an oath to Defend the Constitution. TSA
    agents impede our travel just for a pay check. Are TSA are just official

  4. Tbh myself. All this riot shit war breaking out other financial shit.
    Sounds preety fun for me. I gotta enjoy the moment. Don't scare me. Plus
    when I'm out of high school I'm joining the military. 

  5. you americans make me lmfao. you say you want peace yet you all thrive on
    war. make your minds up will you for god sake. grow a set of balls and do
    something about it if your that worried. you are all sit and watchers and
    not do anything about it people, YOU AMERICANS SUCK and YOU ALL DESERVE
    EVERYTHING YOUR GOVERNMENT THROWS AT YOU. roll on the fema camp deaths for

  6. we can start by stop going to cinemas, turning off our televisions,
    planting food, eating less meat. the answers are really out there. but
    people have been programmed too much for too long to see it any different.

  7. If this stuff don't lead ppl to god then I don't kno wat will !!!!!! Maybe
    hellfire but by then of course, it's too late!!!!! The same ppl who lead us
    against the bible are planning things like this!!!!! Liars tell us the
    truth is a lie !!!!! And idiots believe them smh

  8. Creepy music, very informative specially with the whole ending part of
    lyndise Lohan prediction lol keep it up! We need a revolution after so many
    decades of sitting on our ass and letting big brother take control..

  9. @ Autumn Hunter you are soo right us civilians all over the world need to
    unite as one and tell these so-called leaders Wtf needs to be done we are
    the strongest together nothing is bigger then us when it comes down to it
    our money is what generates their billions come on ppl 

  10. Do people not realize that globalization is the best thing that can happen
    to humanity, if used correctly? I understand, the illuminati is working
    hard against it, but the good in people can let the human race survive.
    People are starting to wake up that they are being lied to. Now, people
    need to figure out that these borders separating countries and ethnicities
    are set up are purely mental. Human soul resides in all of us. There is no
    denying it. 

  11. why do people act like Obama is the mastermind behind all of this hes a
    puppet he does what hes told to do stop acting like he has real power

  12. A lot of this shit is already happened, is happening, or is on its way
    right now. 2014 will be literal hell on earth get ready. Power to us.
    Together we will be strong, unbeatable, fierce. Seperate we are weak, and
    defenseless. Stay United people. If our government won't protect us. It is
    up to us to stand together and defend our selves and our families.

  13. Just like in the bible when all this homosexuality and partying devil
    workship and shit started going on in the bible jesus destroyed the world
    in water so all this stuff is coming back up again so we all have to suffer
    with the bad just like what they say in school say for instence one of your
    classmates do something and then the teacher says good has to suffer with
    the bad so im sorry to say we do and we all are going to be exstinct off of
    this shit man


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