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Illuminati History Documentary - Conspiracy Theory Truth

Illuminati History Documentary

This film is dedicated to bill cooper a man that give his life for freedom and martyred by illuminati ,bill clinton call him most dangerous man in america.

watch this video and learn from him how become dangerous to illuminati.

Bill Cooper predicted 911 (it cost him his life)

William Cooper predicted 9/11 and biography.

John todd, ex Illuminati, expose illuminati, full video.

JFK Secret speech about Illuminati and Builderberg


Real End of the World 2014 Illuminati Conspiracy PredictionsThere are many singers or pop stars who were murdered and still v dont know those murderers but v should go in deep to know the reason also. IT MAY BE THAT U DONT AGREE WITH IT but what else everybody has its own perception. BUT WATCH IT WITH BROAD MINDhttp://www.tatumba.com/blog/archives/6426 – When you type ‘Illuminati’ backwards into a web browser followed by “.com” you are taken to the NSA website. http://itanimulli.com

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Mai multe informatii gasiti aici: http://www.youtube.com/user/manolescubd/videos


http://manolescubd.tk/the description of the the covertly hate full coward who is always the willing dupe and staff of totalitarian takeovers,The great danger of winding up in the hands of this psyco in a dark room with you tied to a chair.His inevitable assasination(Purge) by his own bosses as he is to dangerous and untrustwothy to be left alive after the takeover.The Human Being Getting Out of Mind Control http://oserhumanosaindodomindcontrol.blogspot.pt/

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new world order 2014 scary plans martial law rfid chip transhumanismThrow away all your Disney movies. Here’s why. After watching this you will be held accountable by God if you keep wicked things in your home after receiving knowledge of the truth. To keep this garbage in your home clearly demonstrates that your sex riddled witch craft filled movies are more important to you than God.How The Illuminati Were Created ||Full Length||
This video is for educational purposes no copyright infringement needed.
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