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ILLUMINATI Food Creating CRIMINALS etc Nutrition and Behavior; Aspartame, MSG, Excitotoxins - Conspiracy Theory Truth

ILLUMINATI Food Creating CRIMINALS etc Nutrition and Behavior; Aspartame, MSG, Excitotoxins

We should all PRAY for DIVINE intervention, they have Poison in over 5000 Products, Take 400mg up to 2,500mg of Magnesium each day, to find your Dose for Your BODY gradually increase dose until you get the SHITS, then back off to the Dose Before, use lots of HIMALAYAN SALT, Pure Water, GOOD FOOD, VITAMINS

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  1. Actually studies show that if you eat a traditional diet like they do in
    countries like Africa Asia and Mexico it would lower your risks of chronic
    illnesses that mainly effect Americans because we eat what is called a
    Western Diet. Most of our food is processed and genetically modified. I say
    try to grow your own food, make vegetables the center focus of your food
    and also read the book in Defense of Food by Michael Pollan and another one
    of his books I can’t remember the name -_-
    But be aware of what and how you should eat and spread awareness c:

  2. The self-serving materialistic Illuminati realized long ago that they can
    never be like us so instead they are doing the next best thing, making us
    all like them


  4. Waiting around for divine intervention is what got us here. We need to keep
    educating ourselves, eat properly, teach our children well, get away from
    religious dogma and find other ways to not work as much. People usually are
    shocked by that notion but here is why. Think about how long it takes to
    pay off a home. A lifetime. If you are lucky, you get to pay it off 10
    years before you die. That keeps you working. If you have a home that is
    paid off and most of your bills are low, you don’t need to slave away. When
    you do spend your entire lives trading the only commodity you can never get
    back (your time) for hourly wages, for every penny you make, a corporation
    makes on average a full dollar. It doesn’t really go back into the company.
    They spend more money keeping costs up than it would to pay you a decent
    wage. Why is that? So that their fragile system doesn’t collapse. The
    amount of money to make the world sustainable is 200 million dollars. The 4
    Richest people in the world could take care of that bill without blinking
    an eye. If they split the bill, it would do the same. They don’t want to do
    that because if we had our own land like we should, if we ended world
    hunger, had sustainable power (which has existed since nikola tesla but he
    was murdered to keep it from becoming a reality), then they wouldn’t have
    the control over us that they do. How do we wean ourselves off the teat?
    Quit making them rich. Spend our money on less toys and junk… buy food…
    a tiny piece of land… build a house and find ways to live and not work
    yourself to death. The country will be fine without our taxes being paid.
    They will find ways like less war and a smaller government. Keep your time
    for what it should be… living not slavery.

  5. I love doctor blaylock and all of his findings. However the portion on
    violent offenders being more deficient in nutrients has to do with the fact
    that violent offenders are eating prison food for longer periods of time
    due to longer sentencing.

  6. Okay, I just have one question: What are we supposed to eat then???? Milk
    is bad for you, potatoes are bad for you, wheat is bad, corn is bad….
    almost everything we eat contains these, so what now??

  7. Big propaganda to not say that the system is broken, people get frustrated
    and then you become someone (a criminal like a good citizen) depending on
    your experiences you had to go through. Maybe it affects somehow, but
    that’s not the problem/solution lol… Fuck the police

  8. you are powerless, that idea was put into your head by someone who wanted
    to control you, you are accustomed to solving simple problems,instantly by
    yourself, you are hungry, you go get a sandwich! problem solved ! The more
    you spread the truth, the harder the dictator has to hide the truth, they
    poison us from the time were born until we die, you have enormous strength
    and unlimited potential, the first step is to give up the notion you are
    powerless.plant your own food, problem solved !

  9. I think the Doctor has a legitimate theory about the interconnectivity of
    food and behavior, especially when it comes to brain functions. This, in
    conjunction with outside stimuli, i.e. upbringing, education, etc., indeed
    impact behavior. However, instead of addressing reasonable theories
    concerning mental health issues, let’s ban physical objects to mitigate
    negative social acts. Absurd.

  10. see Video Section then up comes Other Videos at wwwFLUORIdEALERTorg, see my
    face book how to get it out of BRAIn & BODY , Tumeric, Coconut oil ,
    Potassium Iodine etc FB- Bill Otinger

  11. @deadadelta Diabetes…(note correct spelling) is not caused by eating
    sweets, it is exacerbated by it. If you were borderline, you possibly could
    control it by not eating sweets. I have real diabetes. I never eat
    sweets…EVER. That doesn’t cure anything, it only controls the symptoms. I
    still have to take insulin and count my carbs. On top of that, you are
    taking a placebo. But it won’t hurt you, so carry on.

  12. Have a look at you tube where a man turned blue using Colloidal Silver. I
    was recommended Colloidal Silver as an eye wash. For guidance on what to
    eat see you tube Dr Terry Wahls eating plan. Have a look at the veggies
    that contain protein and calcium. I like Kale, baby spinach, cabbage
    steamed & prefer grass fed meat.

  13. I looked, and there before me was a pale horse! Its rider was named Death,
    and Hades was following close behind him. They were given power over a
    fourth of the earth to kill by sword, famine and plague, and by the wild
    beasts of the earth. Revelation 6:7-8

  14. Try to go for wild fish instead of farm raised. There are some charts out
    comparing mercury content of various fish. I believe you have to watch
    yourself with Tuna, Hake, Tilefish, etc. Sardines and sole are safer. Also,
    as far as red meat, stay away unless it’s grass-fed organic. I also take
    protein powders like Gold Standard Whey and Carnivor.

  15. grains are adapted so if a animal eats it the seed comes out the other way
    in rich fertilizer,its anti-digestive,and also has anti-nutrients.mammals
    do not eat grains.our ancestors never ate them as a staple diet until
    agriculture.yet most ”Vegans”are eating Grains.Veganism onlymakes you
    feel good because of: sugar high,thanks to eating tons of candy
    everyday(”fruit”) high fat diet..of yourself…when you arent eating
    fats,your body eats its own fat..soon youll be emaciated though.

  16. @TheCaptainAnonymous Thank you, I corrected it Each Person is Different,
    some need 400mg day some may need 2,500mg day, Gradually Increase dose
    until you get the SHITS, then back off to Previous Dose 21/2 Million Pages
    telling us to take MAG see SCIENTIST georgeeby Video MAG will Prevent and
    Cure Many Problems, take it with an Amino Acid I now take 1,200mg day with
    Citric & Amino Acid


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