Illuminati 2014 Predictions | The New World Order My take on the NWO for what it’s worth:…


  1. Welcome to the New W

    I muted the liekillers post because they added nothing to the discussion. I
    went to their official website and they claim to have the 100 % truth:
    satan is god, the father and savior, creator and king. Google them and see
    if you are interested. I know some believe this and it seems you are
    winning now, your pride is showing. If that is your religion fine, however
    you will soon find out you took the losing side of this war. I do refuse
    Satan worshipers the space to recruit new members here. We are adversarial,

  2. Welcome to the New W

    For some reason the reply link is missing on Jorge Ortiz's comment. So,
    I'll reply here. I want to make it clear that I don't always agree 100
    percent with all the content posted in my channel. I am passionate about
    the subject of the NWO and try to present relevant material from varying
    points of view and let the viewers decide for themselves what they believe.
    Often questions come up that I have already covered in a report I put my
    heart and soul into producing. So Jorge and anyone else who cares please
    No sign up or anything like that. Read, download and share as you wish.
    Thank you!

  3. The very ones that are boogering up the earth are the ones that are in
    control(so they think)But they own everything,they make the pollution.The
    earth also is no where near being over populated,you could put all the
    people on earth in Texas,and still have a little room.Instead of killing
    anyone,they should stop producing shit thats bad for earth,but they are
    greedy,they would sell out a world for an addition to their wealth.

  4. I find all these anti illuminati things floating around the internet to be

    It's amazing how people continue to parrot truly ancient propaganda. The
    original illuminati was just a movement that was opposed to the dominance
    of the catholic church and its abuse of power.

    The Church painted them out as evil people bent on controlling everything.
    Yes they were secretive.

    Wouldn't you be if all the people in charge are religious with rampant
    superstitious belief throughout the populace alongside a corrupt political
    system and your objective was to see superstition and dark age foolishness


    I suppose it's ironic that the biggest believers in a modern day illuminati
    are fundamentalist Christians. A bunch of superstitious fucktards are
    continuing to villify a group from hundreds of years ago as some form of
    modern day global shadow government of entitled elites seeking to enslave
    the world?

    What a surprise… Lunatics.

    It's also funny how people think only of America. If there were a country
    that'd be being used as the main platform for staging a global takeover
    it'd be China.

    China already has a military almost twice as large as Americas military.
    It's economy is likely to be larger than America's in as soon as 5-10 years
    and it's rate of technological innovation is soon to sky rocket if the
    projected investments into various fields of research continue to follow
    the current trends.

    Frankly I don't really care beyond finding it hilarious that people think
    America could achieve a global takeover.

  5. Jorge Ortiz

    I get all of this and agree. What I don't get is this… Most people that
    get this tend to be patriots well knowing that this country, US, was built
    by the illuminati and are willing to die for it, or at least for the idea.
    Remember, this country is an idea and when the time comes (and not soon
    enough if you ask me) Our Lord Jesus Christ will demolish this country with
    the ones that try to defended it. Do you still feel patriotic or are you
    ready to stand aside and let our Lord Jesus Christ do his thing? Do not
    stand in his way. Do not serve in any type of military. Drop down your
    weapons. Yahweh doesn't need your help, We need his.

  6. There is just one thing I do not get, if the Illuminati/people with power,
    own it all or almost everything in the world. Why do they allow videos like
    this one to be produced, and not taken down on you tube? Seriously, they
    have the power to shut everything down. And what are they waiting for, they
    have a well built world army. Why be afraid of armed Americans with small
    arms, then the new world order has high powered weapons..and like I said,
    what are they waiting for???

  7. chris paths

    what is so ba about this video that its age restricted

  8. Trevor Phillips



    Everyone must watch this video !!!!!!!

  10. Bibleisabsolutetruth…. Is this the last
    generation we are seeing ?

  11. George Bush – "No I'm not going to lose" says it all right there.

  12. MocThaBoss Wallace

    We're living in hell, good people We're surrounded by pure evil And it's
    easy to see we need Jesus Please…

  13. Brandon Morgan

    So where do we find the safe alternatives?


    why do people believe this stuff ?

  15. Jonathan Aranda

    what do we do? do we accept the new world order and save our lifes? or
    fight a battle that we know we'll lose. This really sucks because this
    going to happen. But I don't mean to get religious or anything but doesn't
    god say mankind was never to lead himself. I mean just look around. The
    world is a mess. And if their is a New World Order, then thats probably
    gods way of fixing things. Because isnt police gods authority? 

  16. jacquele bussereth

    My lifetime*

  17. MSG does what to you?

  18. sebastian jaurz

    Ahahahahh illuminati is real but is hear to help

  19. Monica Ortiz

    this is crazy, got me thinking and agree… video very well done :)

  20. mykoe hernan


  21. there coming for me oh my god help. a red dot might be on my mail box

  22. FanaticUnleashed

    I truly believe you man I get this stuff and I understand it but u just put
    so much detail which what really opens up me 

  23. jean patrick St fel

    Fiction lol

  24. Marc Lecavalier

    Great vid, thanks ! Share people !

  25. Gerardo Ruiz

    LieKillers Got All the Answer!

  26. jacquele bussereth

    Guys do you really believe this what you need to do is seek God and live
    life in the purest way you can don't be sober about some fake New world
    order by some people aren't even important they are devil worshipers and
    what all of you need to do is stop listening to this nonsense and seek God,
    pray, and live life to the fullest p.s this is coming from a 13 year old
    and I'm trying to be happy and love God throughout your lifetime

  27. Good job on the video.

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