At an alarming speed the Illuminati are setting up their NEW WORLD ORDER, which they don’t even hide any more, with blatant blasphemy and escalated brainwash…


  1. Getting as much of truth out as ppl can will help many as eventualy we wont hav any internet we hav been programmed deliberately to depend on internet communications then when it goes down the evil elite think we the ppl will too , dont let this happen be resourceful make a plan NOW

  2. andrewjoshua007

    I have never seen this channel but I’m so glad the lord brought me here. Subbed.
    Love your work brother.
    Peace and God Bless.

  3. andrewjoshua007

    Exactly brother!

  4. andrewjoshua007

    The way you awaken other people to the glory and truth in our lord Jesus Christ is simply by your testimony of how Jesus Christ helped you overcome your personal struggles with the devil and his deceptions. Reading your testimony made me cry, but of tears of joy and happiness. Brother, I'm so glad you have found the truth in Jesus Christ, it is our duty as God's children to spread the word and truth based on scripture. To be saved is to have life after death, that is why people need to wake up.

  5. The devil tried to get me to kill myself earlier this year. He tried to get me to loose all faith and hope…but I'm still here. I was going to load a gun without a doubt, until I asked Jesus to save me. After that everything changed. Then I asked him to open my eyes to how the world works. Now I know about the Illuminati, and so many other things. Now I'm asking him to show me how to open others eyes.

  6. 7defeatedemons

    Satan is defeated!!!,he is just angry and wants to take as many souls as he can to Hell.

  7. farmergirl8504

    excellent work

  8. Now enter II Thessalonians chapter 2 verse 4…..Of special note “All that is CALLED God or THAT IS WORSHIPPED” out for that which comes after this who defeats it and then calls himself God “shewing” himself that HE is God…

  9. IrishWordSmith

    good vid man..that hail satan abortion chant was weird.
    God Bless.

  10. IrishWordSmith

    Amen..Glory to God! :)

  11. IrishWordSmith

    Praise God for the people who speak out!.

    lauren hill,
    dave chappelle,
    katt williams,
    ….and the rest…

    bill cooper’s right..but i know who already won this war!..JESUS!.

    evil is about to meet is end in the LAKE!.

  12. Crazy stuff going on but with Jesus you have nothing to worry about

  13. Great video thank you, sharing with others please keep up the good work. If you need to know more, want to learn how to tie this all in with the bible check out Trey Smith Nephilim on YouTube watch his other videos too! It's time we build God's army!

  14. Denise McDowell

    Thank you TrueShockTV for being committed to telling the truth to all. Those who do not believe in the illuminati have already been desensitized to the lies & deception. The only way to know is to seek the truth & most importantly to give your life to Jesus Christ. For He will be the one to determine where you will be for eternity.

  15. I am a Christian and have been studying the NWO for 40 years. Truthshock is the best site of it's kind, a masterful combination of atmospheric music, media clips and scripture. I hope and pray your videos are seen and touch as many people as possible in these last day. I'd love to have the entire set of all your videos on DVD, wish it was available. I've viewed some multiple times online,
    May The Lord Jesus watch over and protect you. your work is inspired

    Art Boston Mass

  16. I'm scareddddddddd

  17. Hey bro i would like to ask to make a video about the greater israel because it’s part of NWO Agenda please

  18. Hollywood is Zionism evil

  19. The Lord is my Shepard.. since I was a child my father has warn me about this and never once I stop keeping my eye on God. Thank you for sharing this video. eve

  20. Angelita DeJesus

    Great Video!! Wow…this one really opened my eyes to how many young people are being mass targeted because of the age of accountability God gives youth… Satan knows this and this therefore is exactly why they are being targeted so massively. Pray for these young kids souls, that they will become aware of the good and evil around them and Jesus Christ will open their hearts to him!! Thank you God for your unconditional love!

  21. Lacoyia Atkins

    The Rapture is near.

  22. keep up the good work..
    God bless you

    i am from the Netherlands, but i understand your movies..
    thanks for making them!

  23. Basically the end goal is a global enforcement of immorality and a false sense of unity.

  24. keepingitreal79

    Awesome video…keep spreading the truth of Jesus Christ!!!!

  25. matthew Evans

    where can I find the video at the begining?


  27. Many try before, this System will fall to…

  28. Brennan OConnell


  29. Matthew Elekes

    All endings have a new beginning. Lets make this new beginning one of love and freedom, not hate and control. FIGHT THE SYSTEM. spread love and peace. The elite will meet their demise.

  30. Daisy Schmitt

    greetz from Germany! Sadly to say some know here in Germany about the illuminati but they don't unterstand the evilness behind it. Thank you for your passionate work, God bless you!

  31. can someone tell me name of the singer 11.20 ?

  32. Jesus has won!!!!!!! thank you Lord

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