How The Body Metabolizes Aspartame

In this video Dr Meschino explains how the body metabolizes aspartame and health effects. For more information:

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  1. Dr. James Meschino was sponsored by the Aspartame industry, that was this
    lettuce all about. Why doesn’t he take aspartame every for a year and come
    back and talk about it. He probably works for Monsanto as well

  2. I don’t think we live in a world where one can evaluate science on its own
    merit anymore. that went out the window a long time ago with the
    government’s meddling…one must also know the politics behind it and who
    funds the research. your webpage didn’t do any original reporting but just
    used the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetitcs (AND) article, which itself
    only referenced a few journal articles by Stegink. Clearly the author of
    the AND article, magnuson, is working for the aspartame lobbying group.
    Also Stegink’s research was all sponsored by Searle and Nutrasweet, calling
    into grave question its validity and reproducibility.


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