History of the Federal Reserve System: Why Was The FED Created and How Was It Established?


This is a short video summary of why the Federal Reserve and other central banks were created “established”. This video goes over the history of money, and the banking system to explain the “textbook” reasons why the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 was passed. This video does not touch on the controversial issues of why the Fed was established such as issues brought up by Ron Paul, Peter Schiff or the reasons why Ron Paul and his followers would like to end the Fed. Thanks for watching and don’t forget to share, subscribe and visit our website at http://www.subjectmoney.com

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  1. fedupamericanpatriot · Edit

    Nothing more than a propaganda film for the fed.

    We need to END THE FED. This banking cartel is UNCONSTITUTIONAL! The
    federal reserve is not a government entity just like FedEx is not a
    government entity. These are private banks, owned by corporations that
    create money out of thin air, lend it to our government and charge interest
    on those loans.

    With our current situation, there is now way we can pay back what has been
    borrowed. Time to audit the fed and return to the gold standard.

  2. Funny no mention of that crash being brought to happen by JP Morgan, and
    that the federal reserve is owned by international bankers!

  3. FUCK THE FED. see a pattern? wars create unstable weak economies, they pop
    up to save economy and take control..then create more wars with countries
    that have other central banks.. american revolution war, they tried, civil
    war they tried, sever crash in 1893, means govt borrows more…more control
    for fed….1913 its established, ww1 in 1917, crash in 30s, ww2, korean
    war, vietnam, desert storm, 9/11 they lended yet again to “help’ our
    economy..with a non backed piece of paper that is only

  4. @ sixfifty3 your pretty funny being you have no videos of your own so what
    are you doing to educate people? this is a good video with or without the
    music.. It’s all about the message wouldn’t you say?

  5. Now the Central Bank (FED) just prints money out of thin air, loans it to
    the Government, and gets paid interest on top of it. Not to mention they
    get the money at face value, while everyone else gets it at about 37% which
    is quickly dropping due to inflation. Brilliant, just brilliant, a
    legalized ponzi scheme without repercussion.

  6. I am so glad they created the fed. That stopped all recessions and
    depressions. 1929 crash did not happen nor did we walk on the moon. WTF, we
    should go back to gold and silver currency issued by the individual states.

  7. This video is just going over the history prior to the creation of the
    Federal Reserve. It is unbiased just explaining historical facts. I might
    make another video later that covers the arguments on the controversial
    concerning the Fed.

  8. backed by more debt of paper. that we pay….9/11 created never ending war,
    creating constant funding for security and war, more debt…establish
    central bank into the war beaten countries to help them and establish
    democracy which we put into power…get it yet? wake the fuck up

  9. Central Banking is a Rothschild invention by way of fractional reserve
    lending, which is a scam in lending tactic. The U.S. once had a debt-free
    currency called colonial script, but the Rothschild zionist-banking cartel
    did everything possible to hijack this country & they eventually took over
    in 1913.


    The neutrality is of great service. It is rare to see unbiased information
    about the Federal Reserve Act, System, and its functionality. We could use
    more videos like this. Thanks.


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