Several HARRP rings over UK and Ireland also i looked back a couple of days ago and there was a ring which could of caused the current rainfall.possible/ highley likely there will be traces of radiation in this rain so stay as dry as possible just in case.

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  1. @m4n4mk1 do you have anything to back up your assertion? couldn’t it be
    used for both – must say i find it hard to see the rings but then i have
    not looked at this stuff before

  2. For your information Haarp is not used for weather at all. it is used for
    mind/manipulation control of human population. disinfomation for telling
    people its used on weather.

  3. @m4n4mk1 i will say that i think this may just be radar return but im not
    100% sure what i do know is it is used for weather manipulation not sure
    what proof you have about mind control but dutchsinse has bucket loads of
    it for weather manipulation and my other vid shows you where to find the
    patent numbers for it .

  4. @BehindBen its to long to explain myself but i have put a HARRP playlist
    together on my channel they are dutchsinse videos he has a great channel
    its a good idea if you find yourself interested to sub him 🙂


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