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G20 protesters' anger amid global recession - 28 Mar 09 - Conspiracy Theory Truth

G20 protesters’ anger amid global recession – 28 Mar 09

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Much like the Spider has Nothing when the sun sets to the West, when it rises in the East he is crawling on an Empire, this is how Lucifer conducted his New World Order.

Unless ofcourse we simply, connect the dots, and Act before the sun rises.

“Will we be able to know when you return?”

“Try as you may, but you will never see it until it is upon you, then it will be too late.” -Jesus in regaurds to His second coming

The Greatest Sins are the Sins of Silence in the face of Evil.

Witness (for Jesus)

While politicians are set to discuss their solutions to the global recession at the G20 summit, hundreds of small groups have held demonstrations to have their say.

Tens of thousands of people took to the streets of London in a peaceful march calling for changes to be made to the global financial system.

But events in Rome and Berlin were marred by some violence. Al Jazeera’s Nazanine Moshiri reports

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  1. people deserve whats happening .. if they are to ignorant and lazy to stop
    these evil people from talking over the world right under their noses …
    holding a sign never changed anything now if they were holding rifles
    ….why do you think these mind controlled kill spree killers are prevalent
    and will be in the near future they want to take away your right to defend
    yourself . so when they send in the privately owned army and instate
    marshal law.. you will get on the train to the fema camps.


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