Former FBI chief Ted Gundersen says 9/11 was an inside job

A new independent investigation is needed to determine what really happened on 9/11.

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  2. *A number of studies have shown that belief in conspiracy theories is
    associated with feelings of powerlessness, uncertainty and a general lack
    of agency and control. **A likely purpose of this bias is to help people
    “make sense of the world” by providing simple explanations for complex
    societal events, restoring a sense of control and predictability.*

    *BTW, was this a VHS copy shot off a TV screen through a milk bottle? **Talk
    about bad quality! Wow!*

  3. get this asshole ruler of the world wanna be out of office now and get the
    rest of them brought up on charges . this country is no longer free it is
    communist controlled by a 1 world govt. the next group needs to hit DC

  4. This man is a disinformation shill. Gunderson is saying that the CIA knew
    about 9/11 because they were “monitoring” Bin Laden’s phone calls. That
    statement presumes that Osama Bin Laden was involved. Right there, we know
    that this guy is full of crap.

  5. So Arabs who live in caves who have never flown wide body planes if any
    planes for that matter orchestrated this entire attack on the U.S.? And
    coincidentally a passport was found at ground zero barley damaged what are
    the odds of that happening seriously and America decides to attack Iraq and
    go after saddam Hussein because they apparently thought he allegedly had
    WMDs when in fact he didn’t he did have chemical weapons but no weapons of
    mass destruction. Also those chemical weapons were sold to him by the U.S.
    courtesy of Ronald Reagan well he’s just a puppet who was doing what the
    people who we don’t see, who really run the show wanted. It was in the
    mainstream media world news the whole 9 you can look up the picture of
    Reagan shaking hands with Saddam. 9/11 was a lie! The conspiracy is real
    weather you belive it or not weather you ignore it or not it is very real
    and the people who are behind it all are not stoping ever untill the get
    what they want. 

  6. Really now,,, Would YOUR Government, LIE ? (WMDs) TRUTH is, that’s All
    They do, because they know (most) of us are not paying attention. We are
    killing Arabs,,, Why? To the best of my knowledge, The only Country, to
    Ever, invade Canada, is not an Arab Country, but the usa. Anyone know how
    many Countries they’er Bombing Today, In Order to FREE, The People, And
    bring them Democracy? (not counting-GAZA)???????

  7. Greedy people made HUGE amounts of money from the intentional 9/11 bombing.
    Professionals all came out and said it went down demolition style. They
    heard the bomb…buildings not even in the area went down the same way
    minutes later. The contractor made a fortune! SHAME!

  8. Why wasn’t this interview headline news?? He was the Special Agent In
    Charge and Head of the Los Angeles FBI. He previously held the same post in
    New Haven Connecticut, Philadelphia and Memphis.

  9. What else f*ing proof do we need? Some people are
    to powerful.

  10. Wait a sec. So this guy is telling that the buildings haven’t been blown up
    from inside?? Haha, really) Btw this guy was in charge of Kennedy
    assasination case, look it up. I think what we see here is a wolf in a
    sheeps skin

  11. There are several videos with Mr. Gunderson telling us what the government
    is up to. I thank God that he is doing this. Thank you Tom!!!!

  12. You’re a hasbara troll, evil incarnate, so stop lying and stop pretending
    you don’t know American history, and stop pretending you don’t know that
    Israel was behind 9/11. I enjoy smoking you treasonous duplicitous fakes
    out, masquerading as Americans when all you are is the antithesis of
    everything America stands for, her mortal enemy, lynching from the nearest
    tree is all you’re miserable life is worth, and boy will you deserve it if
    and when that day comes.

  13. oh dont be so brainwashed mate. They do that false flag stuff all the time.
    Bay of tonkin is a classic false flag and they since admitted that. LOOK IT

  14. Well its October of 2013…an election year….start comparing pending
    legislation to cia activities to stock exchange movement…..because False
    Flag operations are in the air.

  15. Yea right, how many people have you talked about this topic with? How many
    facts and resources have you spit out to these mindless lazy drones that
    form their opinions from 3rd hand hearsay. There’s a reason why the
    American average IQ is far below the Global average. It takes time for
    truth to spread but the average sheep doesn’t want to hear it and they
    won’t bother trying.

  16. Once again,….ALL TRUE. There are MANY TRUTH SPEAKERS who have come
    forward. More every day,….including from the Luciferian families
    themselves! Ted was 100% correct on everything he stated. Chemtrails have
    been publicly admitted,,….there are even LAWSUITS currently in the courts.

  17. Israel did 9/11, you know it, just like you attacked the USS Liberty in an
    attempt to blame that false flag massacre on Muslims too.

  18. so, if our “leaders” have no issue in declaring war and sending the massive
    number of troops overseas and push the agenda’s of the “leaders”, how much
    harder is it to think that they could attack our own nation? The casualties
    of 9/11 were smaller in comparison, but the to elite, is that really
    something they would care about? Is it really that hard to comprehend that
    everything that took place on that day made anyone involved billions of
    dollars? Did they not get power through fear?

  19. You LYING TWISTED SON OF A BIT**! I pray you burn in hell for the DECEITFUL
    PACK OF CRAP you just stated! Mr. Gunderson was a STERLING and BRILLIANT
    FBI Director, who conducted himself professionally. The DEMONS who MURDERED
    THOUSANDS of our own citizens,… don’t want to go to jail,…so they
    employ LIARS LIKE YOU to character assassinate. You are DESPICABLE!

  20. The cold hard truth. His Doctor claimed he was murdered with arsenic
    poisoning years latter after he found it littered around his residence. His
    Doctor’s/Friend’s testimony is here on YouTube also. May The G-D Most High
    bless Gunderson for his bravery in exposing the darkness of this world. G-D
    Bless you all also friends.

  21. Thanks so much Sir for exposing Dual Citizen Of Israel, Extremist Jews &
    Zionist – Evil / Cruel Agenda against humanity worldwide. Nowadays world
    need Brave-Hero like U to deal with these Extremist Jews & New World Order
    Members dirty-tricks everywhere. May Oness give both of you strenght &
    courage to face all these so-called ‘Chosen-People’, BUT not by our God,
    But chose by The Chief Of Satan from the Bloody Hell (Israehell)…!!!

  22. I recommend a book by Susan Lindauer (self published in 2010) detailing a
    vast background to 9/11 and Iraq invasion called…. “Extreme Prejudice:
    The Terrifying story of the Patriot Act and the cover ups of 9/11 and
    Iraq…” Lindauer worked as a CIA agent from 1993 to 2002. Israel knew,
    members of CIA knew, Bush was warned, Mossad knew


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