East Village Building Explosion: 7 Alarm Fire, Partial Collapse and Over 40 Injured

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An explosion rocked New York City’s East Village neighborhood Thursday afternoon and after the blast two buildings were engulfed in flames and and at least a partial building collapse has been reported.

Witnesses at the scene tweeted photos showing the two burning buildings smoke pouring out of the roofs of both. The buildings are both low-rise tenement-style structures.

David Godlis, who lives on St. Marks Place, just around the corner from the explosion site, said he felt his building shake and looked out the window to see people fleeing.

“I saw people running to that direction and people running from that direction,” he told Yahoo News, standing beside a line of blue police tape across the street from his apartment.

The apparent blast and fire occurred at 121 Second Ave. around 3:30 p.m. and spread to 123 Second Ave. The building is a mix of commerical and residential tenants, according to local media reports. NYPD is asking that anyone who knows people who live in the buildings call 311. As of 4:40 p.m. the FDNY reported that 12 people—all civilians—had been injured, three of them critically, in the 7-alarm fire.


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  1. If nasty crap is going to happen, it always happens 1 week before the next
    Full Moon. Which is this coming April 4th. this is just unbelievable. Great
    reporting Dahboo !

  2. im all for firefighters but these guys need to be re-labeled as fire
    watchers, if my apartment was there i would have been swinging at those
    useless clowns. ok maybe they had water pressure issues or something? are
    the two at the top having a selfie session? i mean there isnt an awful lot
    of fire fighting here.

  3. God bless you dear Dahboo777. There must be people mad at you…..because
    you tell the truth, the whole truth!! May the LORD Jesus’s angels protect
    you and may GOD continue to use you to share the truth with all of us in
    Jesus’ Name. SHALOM. By the way, how did you get that footage??
    Geezzz!!! 🙂 

  4. In a later stage the NYFD found several bodies in the rubbel of those
    buildings there where 25 people hurt and rushed to a nearby hospital

  5. the city and con edison dont do a required job of bearing down on
    unlicensed contractors hired by cheap landords. Remember the entrie block
    14th between Avenue A and D came down due to similar mishap, unlicensed
    workers on the roof of a pizza parlor hit a gas line. Then everyone shuts
    up, no one will talk. people are paid off and the public never knows. I
    want to know why people in this city are not protected from sleezy
    landlords and migrant workers doing construction.

  6. Hi @hahboo777 did you shoot this video? I work at NBC Nightly News. Could
    we have permission to use it in tonight’s broadcast? Please let me know as
    soon as possible .Thanks!

  7. I hope nobody was killed. I hate when people die from fires or get really
    burned. On a side note. I am starting to not give a shit about New York
    anymore. It’s become an anti gun anti freedom communist liberal shithole.
    When the mayor said don’t live here if you like guns. I was thinking…. uh
    go fuck yourself and your fucked up state. Get to the truth of 911 while
    you are at it.


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