Conspiracy Theories – Bilderberg Group – 9/11 – Kennedy Assassination – illuminati – Freemasons

What exactly are Conspiracy Theories and why are there so many out there? Could it be that we are constantly lied to by our Corporate Media and Governments t…

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  1. through control over the Freemasons (Judaism for Gentiles) and the entire banking system the jewish planners continue to doggedly pursue their goal of "world peace" which to them means "the end of all resistance".-
    "The "peace" which Israel intends to confer is no more and no less than "genocide," the warrant for the execution of all humanity – except for those allowed to live as culture-less slaves." — Herve Ryssen

  2. 100% proof never before shown detonations &explosions before the missile or jet.­o­Q­I train f4 This is what happens to a mind on drugs that believes fiberglass & aluminum can pass through steel

  3. Americans when 911 people deny every fact then 911 people are the same government that took away pensions, home equity, jobs, savings account money, paid the AIG crooks to steal more money 911 people are the government of denial paying AIG, Bank bonuses while raping Americans these 911 people deny every question asked ridicule, name calling, they are undermining the American public proof no question asked is valid. 911 people that deny are enemies of Americans

  4. Non-Conspiracy believers, shills, and government propagandists, believe collapsing buildings & diesel fuel vaporizes 3,000 bodies N open air Non-Conspiracy believers, are imbeciles believing that crap A crematory @ 3500 degrees for 3-4 hrs can consume flesh off the bones The other is Nuclear explosion or temperatures higher than 5,000 degrees can consume flesh & bones in open air Nothing on earth but Nuclear can consume human flesh & bones It is against the law of physics and science Coup de'tat

  5. 100% proof never before shown detonations & explosions before the missile or jet.
    911 Conspiracy Visual Proof of Planted Explosives and Cover-Up
    911 Conspiracy Visual Proof of Planted Explosions Before Planes
    Thank you


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