Chemtrails OFFICIAL Confirmation BEST Proof & Its SINISTER TOLL ON EARTH

Chemtrails Confirmation Deliberate Poisoning Earth & Weather Modification

A presentation giving you the best quality and relevant info on all earth space UFO and Nibiru Planet X and alien issues.

“Danse Macabre – No Violins” by Kevin Macloud

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  1. South Canterbury Sky Watch · Edit

    As many are saying, great job in the upload of this video.
    I could listen to Mark McCandlish again and again. Excellent speaker and
    seems to be very dam knowledge.
    Its incredible how many are so blind to a very obvious sight, right above
    peoples heads. If only they took the time to LOOK UP, take some time, they
    might soon see, “SKIES BEHAVING STRANGELY”.

  2. I think it’s a cold tie, between the stark reality that this is just ONE of
    MANY ongoing genocidal campaigns & that NOTHING will stop or thwart it! I’m
    a hard core realist Optimist, the glass is both half empty, half full & is
    also just a glass. Shalom

  3. Richard Einstein · Edit

    People must wake up, do not listen to the zionist controlled government and
    media. You must read the Protocols of Zion to understand what is happening
    and who is behind it all. The key to everything is simply reading the
    Protocols to draw your own conclusions. Do not allow the zionist jews to
    continue telling you what to believe. We all were brainwashed at one time
    and we all will awaken when exposed to the truth by the Protocols of Zion.

    Only those who have read and understand the Protocols of Zion will have the
    ability to identify and defeat our true enemy. Those who simply refuse to
    learn the truth will remain clueless and their families will be
    exterminated along with the other clueless sheeple. It is written in the
    Protocols which have dictated all major events of the last 110 years. We
    must awaken now to put an end to their evil plans of genocide, as soon it
    will be too late.

    Everything is explained in the Protocols of Zion.
    Take a look, click here —->>> <<<--

  4. Slow Kill
    If you think it is ok to ingest toxic chemicals in your food, water and air
    that you breathe and allow corporations to spray toxic chemicals in the air
    and pollutes everything it comes in contact with then you stand on the side
    of the US government.
    If you think it is ok to be lied to about the level of radiation from the
    Fukushima Meltdown in your food, water and air that you breathe and allow a
    corporation to lie to the public about the radiation being released in the
    land, air and water and pollutes everything it comes in contact with then
    you stand on the side of the US government.
    If the FBI, NSA, HLS, EPA, AMA, FDA, CDC was really interested in your
    health and welfare they would go after the people responsible for the
    Fukushima Meltdown, Fracking, GMO food industry, Geoengineering chemtrail
    programs. Don’t kid yourself; they are not looking out for your best
    This is all part of a slow kill program their not talking about.

  5. These are the same Yahoos in the Shasta county video. These guys are
    completly exaggerating about their credentials. What a joke. I’m starting
    to wonder what is in the water in Shasta.


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