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Freemasons led the Revolution, framed the Declaration of Independence and Constitution designed our nation’s capital and in the early years of the Republic grew to unmatched heights of influence and power.

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Dont Believe or Disbelieve what you are watching on this video. Take your time to think in the posibility of this hapening nowadays. Take your own conclusions. Human race: Open your eyes! – MUNDUS VULT DICIPI Watch my good friend Kismet Magician cannel:

Nov.7,2011 Charlotte Iserbyt breaks down the history of this secret order and reveals just how big this elite club at Yale really is and how much political power they have wield over the past 180 years! Iserbyt unveils the connection of her father and grandfather to the elite Skull & Bones secret society, including an…

Fluoride in your Water is Poision! part2

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“I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill you.” That cliche apparently doesn’t apply to this series that reveals what goes on behind the scenes of some of America’s legendary monuments and powerful organizations, with some inside information that has previously been withheld from the public. If you’ve ever wondered what goes on…

When the House of Commons Affairs Committee recently recommended that police officers, magistrates, judges and crown officers should publicly register their Masonic membership, it was very largely thanks to the ammunition provided by Martin Short’s investigative ‘tour de force’. His ‘Inside the Brotherhood’ carried on the pioneering work begun by Stephen Knight’s explosive account of…