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There’s a lot more than labs lying behind the brightly painted doors of the new Science and Graduate School of Health Building, including spaces that all UTS students can use. So where are they? From the conveniently located cafe and adjacent student commons to the stairway catch-up space and underground informal lounge, this new video…

19 years before 9/11 that would happen in the Hebrew Year 5761

Join me and OG as we show you how to build the Potion Brewing Room. In the next video we’ll tackle Fred’s Bedroom! My XBOX360 seed: -1935071814757950993 I’m building west of center of the map about halfway between the middle and the edge of the world. Coordinates for the first support block under Stampy’s balcony:…

September 11th 2001 Looking Down at Building 7 and it falls? CBS-Net Dub6 45

Building 7 was 47 stories. 47 is the 15th prime number. The number 15 is mentioned many times in this film that released the year before the 1993 WTC bombing. http://www.cnn.com/2013/11/05/us/1993-world-trade-center-bombing-fast-facts/

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Please open the Before It’s News article below, please watch the video, and you will hear in John Kerry’s own words, that Building # & was a controlled demolition, brought down with explosives intentionally. The lease holder of the Twin Tower properties was Larry Silverman, he cashed in on a $5 billion dollar insurance policy.…

Controlled Demolition, Inc. (CDI) of Phoenix, Maryland, USA (acting as Implosion Subcontractor to Main Demolition Contractor, Diversified Demolition Company, Inc. of Sparks, Nevada) performs the successful explosives felling of the 9-story, structural steel Gramercy Building #7 in Las Vegas, Nevada at 8:00 AM on Sunday, February 15, 2015.

Federal legislators and pundits are asked questions about 9/11 controlled demolition evidence on C-SPAN’s program “Washington Journal”, concluding with host Steve Scully telling a caller to take 9/11 questions to another network.

UTS’s new Science and Graduate School of Health Building has created a state-of-the-art science and health precinct in the heart of the City Campus. You will be able to experience the building for yourself at the start of Semester 1, 2015. For now, get a sneak peek of the building’s striking architecture and cutting edge…