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Carving on Cannabis with a Snowboard Gold Medalist: FUEL - Conspiracy Theory Truth

Carving on Cannabis with a Snowboard Gold Medalist: FUEL

In this episode of FUEL, Canadian Olympic Snowboarder Ross Rebagliati embraces his infamous past and embarks on a new venture.

Ross Rebagliati was once embroiled in unchartered controversy at the 1998 Olympics in Nagano where he won gold and then tested positive for cannabis in the first-ever snowboarding giant slalom event. In the end, there was no infraction of the rules and his gold medal was reinstated.

Fast-forward to today where cannabis culture and legislation has drastically changed; Ross is now the go-to guy for cannabis in athletics. He openly helms a thriving cannabis company, which is a direct nod to his past: Ross’ Gold. Ross whisks us around Whistler showing us how he’s fully embraced and integrated cannabis into his life and diet. Consuming cannabis helps to fuel his body by increasing his appetite, essentially giving him the Munchies and enabling him to consume the calories he needs to actively perform and function as a faster and stronger athlete.

If you do have cannabis, make sure you do have food nearby because you’re going to feel hungry! –Ross Rebagliati

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  1. I hear a junkie talking, I am sorry…
    Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been a smoker myself for more then 10 years.

    I’ve seen that when I played football and was high, I would totally not get
    the level that I reached when I was clear minded.
    The guy is like, you see that I can eat now, well stop smoking and the
    first days will be problematic, both eating and sleeping, but in the second
    week you will see your appetite comes back.
    You will start dreaming again during sleeping.

    Stop talking like a junkie and face the truth, try not smoking for a month
    and after that month, smoke the same stuff you were smoking.
    You will get hit and not be able to get out of your couch, on that moment
    you should realize, damn this is some heavy shit, whilst when you smoke
    daily, your body is so used to the stuff, that you will get high, but still
    will be doing stuff.

    Again don’t get me wrong, Cannabis is very nice to use, very nice, but the
    way we make vids and act like it has no negative effect is just crazy.

  2. For the 99.99% of Skiers and snowboarders out there. Smoking on the
    mountain will lead to crashes and extra long lunch breaks at the cafes. 

  3. I noticed cannabis increases my stamina when jogging. If anything I think
    it’s more of a mental benefit. It gets you to that state of relaxation and
    calmness while running, which is more important than what most stamina
    enhancement pills promote it can do for you. 

  4. Can’t live without pot for an hour a day. Drug addict. Gets up at 5 to
    “medicate” and can’t understand why the US doesn’t want him to visit.
    Avoiding the terms pot and weed doesn’t legitimize this reality of being a
    43 year old drug addict. This is exactly why people don’t want pot
    legalized because nobody wants to listen to justifications all day. We get
    enough of that with alcohol. Life is so beautiful as an unmedicated
    experience. Try it.

  5. you might have a problem if you cant quit long enough to be able to pass a
    drug test for something youve trained your entire life for

  6. YouTubes comment system has been broken for over a year, now. It does not
    count down-votes! And so, distasteful and generally unpopular comments are
    constantly in the top spots in millions of videos, literally. We have a
    good example of that with ratmrat in the top spot. His comment could
    literally have thousands of down-votes, and yet, that measly 50 people, and
    their twisted sense of reality, is forced upon us.

    If you’d like to down-vote his comment, please up-vote this one. YouTube
    has been asked for a long time to fix their system, all to no avail, so I
    don’t know any other way around it. I’m sick of these small niches of
    society pretending to be the majority. It’s disgusting, and YouTube/Google
    should do everything in their power to fix it (as if it isn’t as easy as
    turning it back on). I’m sure there’s some ulterior motives in play…

  7. Lmao for years at my shop we been smoking saying its our safety meeting for
    the day, sometimes we have 2 or 3 safety meetings, some of the best work
    I’ve ever done was baked out of my mind and weed motivates me it makes me
    want to work. People say it makes you lazy but its the opposite for me,
    before I workout I smoke a joint and then I hit the weights hard AF. Weed
    should be legal worldwide its fucking stupid that it was ever considered to
    be made illegal. The safest drug there is, you can’t overdose, nobody has
    ever died from weed, its safer then cigarettes, alcohol, Advil, and
    toothpicks all of which kill many many people every year and are perfectly
    legal. BTW toothpicks killed 144 people last year

  8. I had 2 KOTO krispies before a day of snowboarding at Telluride. I promise
    you, high is the last thing you want to be when you’re dropping in on one
    of the back bowls. I was too high to remember exactly where, but theres
    this area where you go through trees and then theres a 100 foot drop out of
    nowhere, to get down you have to traverse this 3 foot wide ledge and then
    its like a 80 percent grade after that. I would have enjoyed that if i
    wasn’t high, but it was just overly difficult and slow. Don’t mix pot with

  9. You all will have to understand that marijuana is a drug. Although when
    people do it they share similar effects, it’s going to affect people
    differently. Some people get sleepy, some people get pumped, some feel
    artistic, and some people just turn mindless. I don’t think you can
    necessarily say it is good or bad in any instance

  10. I support cannabis for multiple reasons but by saying that I don’t smoke it
    every day. Each strand effects your body in so many different ways and
    helps your body more than damaging it (which in fact there are no
    damages)…. But that being said you shouldn’t abuse such s good thing
    because it won’t effect you the way you want it to or it should….. I
    smoke to help me with stress and other mental issues episodes I may have; I
    just don’t do it everyday because I’m learn to get through in daily
    exercises as well…… But on the weekends I don’t mind blowing down to
    relax from the stress off the week

  11. what a douche bag. pot has legitimate medial usage for people in need and
    fags like this just bring on all the negative aspects of the usage. 

  12. fair enough he smokes weed, but come on just admit you smoke it cos you
    like it, not because you need it to “medicate”. hes an addict

  13. “You have a deficiency in canabinoids, your receptors are like plugs with
    nothing in them” What kind of broshit is that? The simple fact is we are
    just beginning to learn the complexity of the human mind and statements
    like this are just ignorant and at best an oversimplication. Stick to
    snowboarding dude

  14. There is no drug that has no negative side effects, grow up if you want to
    smoke daily fine but stop it with the bullshit justifications and just
    admit you like getting high to deal with life.
    If you need a mind altering drug to get up in the morning your an addict, I
    think you should be allowed to use cannabis but pretending there are no
    negative side effects is fucking ridiculous.

    We have opiate receptors too. Should we use opiates daily then?

  15. I support the legalization of cannabis, but as much as I support it weed is
    not correctly represented in this video by any means. He just gives so
    much misinformation about the drug that severely exaggerates its benefits.
    Let me share some correct, unbiased information:

    -There is no natural “deficiency” in stimulation to cannabinoid receptors.
    Our body uses these receptors all the time for various functions such as
    appetite. We overstimulate cannabinoid receptors when we consume weed which
    leads to the calming effects. Cannabis is just not harmful because it does
    have a powerful effect at the receptor. Synthetic cannabis such as spice
    and 7H hydro incense do have a strong effect at the receptor and lead to
    horrific withdrawal symptoms such as vomiting and constant anxiety. So
    therefore your body is not “made” for ingestion of cannabinoids and
    cannabinoid receptors are not “empty plugs”.

    -Marijuana is NOT a performance enhancer. You can make it beneficial if
    you add it into your daily routine to boost appetite and inhibit pain.
    However, on the drug, the brain does not function as well as it does
    sober. Areas of the brain responsible for memory and motor movement are
    impaired by cannabinoid receptor activity. Your mind does NOT work faster
    unfortunately. In fact, it could possibly increase estrogen production,
    which could be detrimental to muscle growth. Also, despite opposing
    claims, there IS a MILD withdrawal when a long time smoker goes cold turkey
    for a time period.

    -Cannabis is not necessarily a good anti-inflammatory medicine. Different
    studies have yielded different results, so it just depends on which source
    you choose to believe. There is no conclusive evidence to cannabis being
    anti-inflammatory. It only inhibits the feeling of pain, which is
    completely different from an immune response.

    -A painkiller such as Advil is not unhealthy. It is actually BETTER at
    reducing inflammation than cannabis. Studies have shown that ingestion of
    one Advil per day can increase life span because of its beneficial
    anti-inflammatory effects. Marijuana is not able to perform on the same
    level of anti-inflammation.

    So, I like the message he sends, but so much of it is wrong. Marijuana is
    not dangerous at all and is a fun recreational drug but it is definitely
    not as amazing as he makes it sound. It has beneficial effects too, but
    those are unstated in this video while the negatives are warped around to
    be positives. It is foolish to make a drug sound perfect because there
    really is no such thing as a perfect drug. 

  16. He’s a normal functioning human being doing what he loves at this age. He
    is successful and has other goals in life, respect him for his person, not
    his life choices #LegalizeIt

  17. What a great documentary to showcase the fact that Cannabis can be used on
    a daily basis while still being a functional human being. I can’t stand how
    they argue against it and refuse to look at proof like this. 

  18. Why would a healthy man need to medicate him self and are you kidding do
    you even lift ! And also look how successful he is with a happy family with
    6 kids o wait he doesn’t even have 1!!!!! dumb sissy pot head 


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