Cartoon Conspiracy Theory | The Truth Behind Courage the Cowardly Dog

a fun and interesting theory about courage the cowardly dog. Dont forget that if this video hits 200 likes ill put out another theory on Saturday so show tha…

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  1. At least this theory isn't that grim dark like some other ones.
    Also have you heard about the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic theory? I think that one is particularly interesting especially considering the immense popularity of the show.

  2. I've asked before, and see other people suggesting it as well.. Any-who maybe you could a conspiracy on the Angry Beavers? I loved that show as a kid. Would love to her one! Ohh, and I live closing line you do. "Game the fuck on until next time!" EPIC! Do you play PS3, too?

  3. Speaking of powerpuff girls did you know that frankie from fosters home for imaginary friends is wearing a powerpuff girls t shirt

  4. funny u mention the powerpuff girls with that… hmmm no spoilers but theres a connection… gotta hit 200 likes if you guys wanna see it this weekend!

  5. KND has been suggested an awful lot. ill have to look into it for a future episode…hmmm we are half way to 200 likes already.. mayb if we hit it by friday or saturday… haha


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