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Cartoon Conspiracy Theory | The Hidden Secret of Futurama - Conspiracy Theory Truth

Cartoon Conspiracy Theory | The Hidden Secret of Futurama

There is something that most people miss during the show that may shock you. We take a closer look into the secrets of Futurama!

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  1. In the movie Benders Big Break they show an alternate version of fry where
    he is more mature and caring. This man of course isn’t revealed as fry
    until close to the end. He did it without being super smart or strong. All
    he really did was show how grown up he was and Leela was puddy in his
    hands. That’s all the original Fry had to do from the start. He would have
    been able to do the same thing just as easily.

  2. Ghostbusters Theory

    Slimmer’s Dream

    The theory is that slimmer is a friendly ghost who wants human friends. Of
    course, the humans are afraid of him. No one wants to be friends with him.
    So he makes up imaginary friends. The Ghostbusters! But why would he want
    friends that attack ghost? Since he likes humans, he doesn’t want humans to
    get scared. So he creates a team of Ghostbusters!

  3. Do a ben 10 one. I’ve got it. There really was a meteor that hit ben but
    that actually put him in a coma and when he is in the coma, he dreams that
    the meteor hit him but instead of putting him in a coma, he finds the
    omnitrix and dreams he can turn into aliens. u can finish the rest.

  4. I love this theory! One thing that would add too it is how fry played the
    holophone for leela when he did finally impress her (with a similar
    projected image if I remember correctly) in the original series finale. The
    same episode where fry trades his hands with the robot Devils hands


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