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CANNABIS ON TRIAL - Conspiracy Theory Truth


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Did you see Drugs Live: Cannabis On Trial? No? Yes? Doesn’t matter, watch this shit with a bag of chips.
If you see this comment ‘Jon Snow is on a whitey’

WATCH THE SHOW HERE: http://www.channel4.com/programmes/drugs-live/on-demand/56137-001

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Hi, I’m Drew (DrewIsSharing). I’m 17 and I make vlog videos. I try to upload weekly. LOVE YOU!

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  1. I thought it was quite balanced actually… John Snow didn’t have a clue
    what he was talking about but I have had some really horrible trips on bud,
    I’ve had some great ones to but generally, I always feel more than a bit
    edgy on bud. I think they should legalise it and get the balance between
    the thc and cbd right….

  2. Didnt see it but I understand why theyre not going into different types
    andshit cause they just want to make their ‘all drugs will kill you within
    a minute’-point I think… Can I watch it back somewhere? Im from Holland
    so most of these English watch-back sites dont work… :/

  3. drew
    as a seasoned nutmeg user and all round chill dude iwas jw how you respond
    to the claims that cannabis turns straight people gay and gay people
    straight as well automatically enlisting you to isis?
    yours sincerely d-breezy, phd dankology, femminist, internet crip. 

  4. I saw the whole show & didn’t learn anything i didn’t already know!
    One toke from a week spliff would of been plenty for poor old john snow lol
    “Music is better when you’re high” NO FUCKING SHIT!

  5. You have no idea how happy I am that someone is actually saying all of
    this. My friends and I watched it and it was kind of hilarious 

  6. My dad does Canibus and he’s a real gentlemen haha but he’s a really well
    put together spiritual guy. I used to think weed was stupid but then he
    explained it to me and taught me exactly what this is about. I don’t wanna
    do it myself cause I’m already crazy as it is haha but if anyone does it’s
    fine by me 

  7. haha Jon Snow’s reaction though.
    the thing is, if before you smoke, you think “i’m gonna be sick” you’re
    most likely going to be. however if you think “i’m gonna feel great” you
    Pssssh Jon Snow knows nothing.

  8. JON SNOW IS ON A WHITEY. hahaha. It was priceless indeed but in all
    seriousness they know sweet fuck all about green. P.s You’re effin

  9. have to see it! I missed it, but I rly want to see it!! Haven’t they done
    one on ecstasy in the past? I’ve seen people on cannabis but john snow?

  10. yeah, I saw it. but the thing is they were trying to show everyone how ‘bad
    it was’ and everything, but they put an old man in an MRI scan in the
    fucking morning??? anyone would freak out, probably even if they weren’t on
    drugs. it’s all depending on the enviroment you’re in, and like you said he
    was taking loads in the strongest ways, so


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