Cannabis Cures Cancer. “The Powers Of The Mind”

Cancer treatment with CBD, Cannabis tincture. Amelia Powers Quantum Healer/Shaman successfully uses natural medicine after Radiation and Chemotherapy failed for a Grade 3 Brain Tumour.

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  1. I can so relate! I am so very sorry for you fights in February 2012 I
    had a to remove a right side temperol lobe olgoastrocytoma tumor! I have
    told this will be back!! living forward is always the way to care for
    yourself….Good luck to us both and many others

  2. Amazing Amelia so proud of you for sharing your story. You’re such a strong
    woman and so pleased that you’re getting the word out about alternative
    treatments that work. 

  3. Made me cry this did infact iv watched it about ten times since yesterday
    bring back the past two years when my partner was diagnosed with anaplastic
    astrocytoma grade three brain cancer and he did thr same treatment plan
    brought back memories this video has so sad how bad things like this happen
    to people… and cannabis does work rick simpson hemp oil look it up 

  4. You’re an inspiration thank god for cannabis and thank god for you. I hope
    you live a long amazing life. We need to stop running from cannabis and
    stop treating it like its a hippy drug and start doing more research with

  5. Hi Amelia
    My name is Lizbeth, my husband was diagnos with a brain tumor 6cm big
    Anaplastic Astrocytoma grade 3 in january 15 2013. He did Chimo and
    radiation for six weeks just like you. hes tumor shrunk 1.5 cm. but we are
    very scared and we want to try something different. You think we can
    contact you . or can you tell me how can i give it to him please. When i
    watch our video I cry cause we went threw the exact same thing. My email is

  6. Hi Amelia! I’m actually going through the same situation. This is my 5th
    year since I have been going through chemo and radiation as well. My tumor
    is also on the left side. I’m also half bald. I am now looking into trying
    the tincture. That video was AWESOME!

    What exactly did you use? You’re giving me hope. The doctors have told me
    that my lifespan would be 6 months to 1 year if I didn’t do Any of the


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