Cancer Cures Sherry Rogers M.D.

Dr. Sherry Rogers on Cancer and plasticides and the cures.More at

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  1. This, of course, is not about cancer cures, but about the very few (drop in
    the ocean) of environmental toxins that can cause most any disease. About
    healing being possible only by addressing the cause (btw it’s not
    “plasticides” but plasticizers, or phthalates). Dr Rogers is a true doctor,
    practicing healing medicine, as opposed to the US mainstream medicine which
    became business outlet of the pharmaceutical industry, which only wants to
    sell more drugs and surgery, keeping most of the people unfortunate enough
    to succumb to degenerative diseases its customers for the rest of their
    life. Dr Rogers, people (doctors) like her, and the true, healing medicine,
    deserve much more exposure, but for now, and in the foreseeable future, it
    is the big money and its snake oil that have the upper hand.

  2. Anne Stirling Hastings · Edit

    I really agree. I started my own progress to amazing healthy 10 years ago
    reading Detoxify or Die and other books. I recommend her books, but don’t
    find people who already know about her.

  3. Why is this video titled “CANCER CURES SHERRY ROGERS MD”? Sure she makes
    many good points about environmental pollutants increasing or even causing
    many illnesses, but she only mentions the word “cancer’ ONCE, at the 8
    minute mark, then offers no suggestions for “cures”. ???

  4. Her story and her example along with her knowledge is astounding. I highly
    recommend her books and listening to the archives on the power hour
    archives online (Joyce Riley’s show)

  5. There needs to be FAR more of the wonderful Dr. Rogers on you tube. her
    message is SDO important! I’m sure if Dr. Rogers put her mind to it she
    could produce an AMAZING vid that would detail her discoveries as well as
    her personal journey of sickness to health. I’m sure there are many fans of
    her who would like to put a link to such a vid on their facebook page… I
    know i would. The above vid is just not quite good enough in quality and
    overall presentation to serve such a purpose.

  6. Sherry Rogers books are brilliant and very entertaining.Funny cartoon
    illustrations. Now I know why I got cancer and will prevent it from
    returning with her advice. Very few publications are willing to tell you
    dosage of herbal remedies. But, you get this lifesaving info in her work.


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