Building #7 Anthem redux

Many of you still need to snap out of it and come into reality.
The powers that be and their media crime partners are working against you. Read on.

Commercial planes cannot travel at the speeds recorded because the air is thicker at the sea level altitude zone. The turbine fans would nave been overwhelmed and seized up.
Plane wings are comparatively fragile to cement and steel. There are decals on the ends of wings to warn airport maintenance crews not to stand on the ends of the wings. There are available videos of planes that hit birds and it leaves a giant gaping whole in the cockpit and crash test videos of plane wings being sliced off by telephone polls. Are you crazy?

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  1. Really good, I seldom go for musical messages, after all those years of the
    Beatles, but this message is down to earth. It really has some thing to
    say and doesn’t pull punches. IT WAS AN IN SIDE JOB.

  2. Love ya Brother. was whistling “phony fake show” now Im walking around
    singing “911 was an inside job”.Now on my playlist when the dum dums come
    to visit. “Im gojng out of my brain and my deck needs new stain, its a
    phony fake show” ALL RIGHT!!!


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