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Aspartame poisoning from chewing gum - Conspiracy Theory Truth

Aspartame poisoning from chewing gum

news report from tv3 nz about a girl being poisoned by the deadly chemical aspartame,watch the sweet misery documentary for more info

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  1. aspartame breaks down into formic acid, formaldehyde, and methyl alcohol in
    the body at 86 degrees fahrenheit. Formic acid damages the optic nerve in
    the eyes and methanol causes blindness which is a known fact!…Anyone that
    denies the symptoms of aspartame publicly is the enemy and should be

  2. These people are full of shit!! Aspartame is TOXIC and HORRIBLE substance!!
    I recently saw a huge change in the gum I “used” to love, Wrigley’s
    Doublemint, which now contains ASPARTAME, where as before, it NEVER had
    it!! They are trying to KILL off and poison us!!! Read the ingredients
    people!! Educate yourself!!!

  3. yup. all the LACK of pesticides, genetic modification, preservatives, and
    such really put us in the hospital! damn those organic farmers! damn them
    all to hell!

  4. There are gums at the health food store that have alternative sweeteners. I
    used to chew Trident which has it as well. Check your toothpaste as well!
    Most of them have aspartame which means most people are getting a couple
    doses of it a day!! I use Tom’s and try to stay away from any artificial

  5. Having just recovered from stupidly deciding to risk half a bottle of
    aspartame sweetened lemonade ( i spent 4 days in bed as a result) i can
    assure you, you are talking entirely out of your hat.

  6. @Jellythedog02 Sure, swallowing 8 packs of gum could upset your stomach. It
    shouldn’t make you ill, to chew it. That would mean there is something
    toxic in the gum. Ya know, like aspartame. So, you don’t believe it. What
    exactly don’t you believe? That aspartame is a proven combonation of three
    chemical poisons? Do you even know what it is made of? Let me see how much
    you disbelieve. Increase your intake of these poisons. Let me watch.

  7. @aquariussphere dude xboa right,it’s all for the money why would they tell
    us that,I know it probably doesn’t make since. But I’m not gonna get into
    an argument over it it you wanna eat it that’s up to u,our government keeps
    a lot of stuff from us.

  8. Hey, isn’t Methanol some kind of anti freeze? And Aspartame was used to
    kill some bugs. Someone tried that and he posted on his blog that it is
    toxic enough to kill bugs.

  9. I tend to agree with the video. I got extreme migraines if I had an entire
    pack of gum containing aspartame within an hour. Some peope are aspartame

  10. @blorgensteen LMAOOOOO really? That’s all you have to say? I have been
    2011?! This video is from 2007! I DIDN’T SEE ANYTHING ON THE NEWS. I DON’T
    HAVE ANY PROBLEMS! This lady does because she chews 5 to 8 packets a day!
    That’s why!!!

  11. Years ago we used to joke around makeing our own firecrackers, Potasium
    Chlorate,+Sulpher+ Hydrocarbons from Asprin to Aspartame, We even tried
    useing sacrides,sacrin ect. With the Aspartame the reports were right up
    there with confectionary sugars. But in the mix it was very unstable we
    could only make a small amount of a couple of grams out of fear it would
    explode, Personaly if you cant drink sugar i feel for ya, But dont go
    poison yourself with synthetic sweetners.

  12. @thestreetsempty WOW so you’re saying that you want to watch me chew gum?
    Are you saying that gum is poison? Are you saying that? It SHOULD make you
    ill to chew 8 packets.. I don’t believe that there is aspartame poison in
    gum. Yeah sure I know what it is made of.

  13. Monsanto is run by Jews; albeit Jews who are also members of the Bilderberg
    Group. Look up the history of the company and its current management – it’s
    Jew-owned, no question about it.

  14. Big Red does not contain aspartam but does contain acesulfame. Wrigleys
    only provides two products that contain neither of these poisons! Don’t buy
    any of their products!

  15. well yeah I guess its less toxic if you have one piece a gum a week but I
    was an addict and over did it and causes major issues in my body. This shit
    turns to PHormaldahide in the body!! I was embalming myself while alive

  16. Dr. von Eschenbach earned a B.S. from St. Joseph’s ( Jesuit) University in
    his native Philadelphia and his medical degree from Georgetown University (
    Jesuit) School of Medicine in Washington, D.C. Dr. von Eschenbach joined
    FDA after serving for four years as Director of the National Cancer
    Institute (fake cancer institutes)

  17. @thestreetsempty Wow really? Twit? Who the eff says that? Anyways.. I don’t
    believe it. 5 to 8 packets A DAY is why she got sick. None of this
    aspartame bullcrap. And how do you know I didn’t research it? I DID. But I
    still do NOT believe this.

  18. I can assure you, that since the vast majority of individuals consuming
    comparatively massive amounts of aspartame next to your half a bottle
    suffer no effect that leaves them bed-ridden for 4 days, that you are
    either highly sensitive to the substance. That’s called logic. Besides,
    your anonymous, anecdotal and completely unscientific assertion hardly
    addresses the points I made, let alone to point where you can declare that
    I’m talking out of my hat.

  19. @Jellythedog02 lol. You are a waste of time. Aspartame – that is the issue.
    How it is a combo of three chemical poisons. Blah, blah, you have a nice
    life, toolbag.

  20. i remember chewing one piece of this cheap gum i got at a dollar store
    which had aspartame in it and i got the worst headache i ever had in my
    life.. fuck aspartame, fuck the people who want to poison us, and fuck
    fluoride, gmos, mcdonalds,the criminalization of hemp/marijuana,fuck
    outdated and inefficient forms of industrial agriculture, fuck the methods
    we use now..the government isn’t allowing the most modern and efficient
    technology to be utilized to create a false sense of overpopulation..


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