Aspartame and Pregnancy: Prof Renwick Dispels the Myth

Aspartame and Pregnancy: Prof Renwick Dispels the Myth. According to Professor Andrew Renwick, OBE, PhD, Dsc, Emeritus Professor, School of Medicine, University of Southampton we can be very confident that low and no calorie sweeteners such as aspartame are safe for consumers including people with diabetes, pregnant women and children. Professor Renwick warns that media and web-based information continue to mislead people and he recommends that anyone who is worried about low calorie sweeteners should visit the website of the European Food Safety Authority, which is the European authority responsible for determining the safety of all food additives, including low and no calorie sweeteners –

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    DEVIL.all corporate based studies on the safety of aspartame reveal it is
    safe because the research is skewed and biased to corrupt corporate
    interests. Doctors like this that sell out human health in the face of
    money are one of the worst things about humanity. REFINED SUGAR IS ALSO
    POISON. DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS MAN. Joseph Mercola has much more relavent
    information on the dangers of both aspartame and refined sugar.

  2. fact: most people who accuse substances of being dangerous never researched
    anything about the substances themselves.. people, stop being retards,
    please stop swallowing up any information without verifiyng the scientific
    data. the myth on aspartane and msg are just propelled by these conspiracy
    nuts who don’t know shit about what they are talking about.

  3. It’s gotten so bad. I can’t believe how easily people can get taken into
    these types of misinformation campaigns. We need to do an overhaul on
    education systems and attempt to drastically improve people’s critical
    thinking skills, and improve the public understanding of science.

  4. FACT: Aspartame causes the body to not be able to deal with metals
    correctly. SHO is funny, how when you look at ASP and its use, and the
    years, there is a DIRECT CORRELATION in the amount of Autism, ADD,ADHD and
    related diseases. HMMmmm…

  5. Don’t risk the health of your unborn child listening to douchbags paid by
    the industry!!! If it’s man-made – DO NOT EAT IT!!!! They have NO incentive
    to protect you or your child – they are incentivised by their shareholders!


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