Alternative Cancer Cures Exist and Have Been Suppressed – Kimberly Carter Gamble

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  1. Mauricio Gonzalez · Edit

    Is there a Spanish version or subtitles in Spanish for this? I need to show
    my family but they don’t believe anything coming from me.

  2. Let’s ALL Stop calling Names etc. We need some true Financially Well off
    GOOD People to Once AND For ALL Finance Real & Transparent Trials/Studies
    Research on Cancer Cures Etc. And Gift the Results to ALL Man Kind to Leave
    as their Legacies of Goodwill and Giving Back to Humanity. Drabo. B-}

  3. Dear Thrive, thank you so much for sharing this information with us.
    Finally somebody – a very corageous and enlightened human being – is
    speaking about the suppressed cancer cures! I wish the whole world listened
    to Kimberly and learned how cruel corporations are. We must be the change
    ourselves. Let’s do it!

  4. Powerful Kimberly, you brought a tear to me eye….. love to you and your
    movement. I recovered from stage 3 kidney cancer by walking away from
    western medicine.

  5. I have cured many of my diseases using magnet therapy. Disease is a dis of
    ease. I have put myself at ease from pains, tightness, anxiety, even low
    energy with simple applications of magnets. Yet I am still being called
    crazy after over 6 years of using magnet therapy successfully. I don’t get

  6. Alondra Velazquez · Edit

    +THRIVE Movement, This is just FYI: Your video is censored on Google+.
    I posted this video on my Google+, but it’s highlighted and says: This post
    VIOLATES our policies; it’s visible ONLY to you.
    Please find out WHAT exactly it violates ??? This video expresses the
    OPINION, which is based on the experience. That’s it. Everyone decides for
    Self to believe it or not to believe; Follow it or NOT to follow it.

  7. Alondra Velazquez · Edit

    An Australian research study published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology
    was conducted to assess the impact on 5 year survival rates for patient who
    underwent Chemotherapy to treat their cancer. This research clearly
    demonstrates that CHEMOTHERAPY has NO measurable IMPACT on extending life
    expectancies but it does have a HUGE NEGATIVE impact on quality of life. To
    read the entire article go to ▬▬►

  8. TheWanderingWizard · Edit

    Read the Entire Story in Source Article @



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