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Government Cover Ups | Extraterrestrial Intelligence | NASA | UFO’
There is a high increase in advance technologies within our midst and the world governing bodies are still lip tight on these issues. Its doesn’t matter how they tried to explained it away, it still stare us in the face.

Under 100 years ago, the level of technologies was unheard of…..We are now experiencing break-through after break through both in science & technology- which wasn’t happening back at least 70 years ago. Yet our government lying to us daily about these findings. They said we the people are not ready or prepared for a alien invasion/encounter……then equip us then!

All these info bodies such as: NASA, Area 51, DoD, MI5, NSA, seems to have data that we the people should have knowledge of, yet we are still in the dark about EVERYTHING that is happening at that level. Ordinary people have encountered some of these beings and have witness some supernatural stuff but are silence by these governing bodies about there encounters. If they are willing to silence people like Edward Snowden and many more like him recently, then the question is….what are they hiding from the public? What are they afraid we find out? Why are our governments operating in some much secrecy? If there is nothing to hide or afraid of, then be more transparent to the people that you are serving.

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  1. You right,there is alien intelligence in our midst that they dont want us
    to be aware of for sure. Where we are now where high tech is concren; is
    way out our reach. 


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