9/11 (I) The BIGGEST LIE IV (I) No PLANES & Building 7 Ed. HQ – Dec. 9 2013 – by James Easton

Running Time 2hrs 16mins – By James Easton – December 9th 2013

North Tower = Tower 1 = WTC 1
South Tower = Tower 2 = WTC 2
Building 7 = Solomon Brothers’ Building = WTC 7

Chapters as follows:


Nano Thermite Snaking down South Face of Tower 1

Empty Head

Kla Klow!!

Equal Forces

No Planes Theory – Excerpt from 9/11 The Biggest Lie III

Ghost Plane – What Holograms REALLY ARE, Project Blue Beam Hoax, Missing Wing in Footage, 3D Models and 3D World, Mock up of Second Plane hit in 3D, Nano thermite in plane wing tip of hit on tower 1, Burnt out corners in Tower 1.

Mini Nuke Cavity Demo

Building 7 Intro
Building 7 Discussion
Building 7 Orientation on a Map of Downtown Lower Manhattan

Widely unknown video of Building 7 Exploding and crackling noises at time of Demolition

Firemen Footage – Naudet Interviews



Discussion with James Easton

Tribute to the towers (From Biggest Lie 1st Edition)


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