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9 11 John Kerry admits that WTC7 was brought down by controlled demolition! - Conspiracy Theory Truth

9 11 John Kerry admits that WTC7 was brought down by controlled demolition!

US Secretary of State John Kerry is recorded in this video saying how he was told that World Trade Centre building 7 was brought down in a “controlled fashion”. This building collapse is seen by many as the smoking gun, if that was the case, to set this up and to fall the way the building did would take weeks of specialist preparations and not something that could be done in a few hours!

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  1. 9/11 is a cover-up and World Trade Center 7 collapse is the smoking gun.
    Why is that so?? WTC-7 fully collapsed in a manner that resembles
    a controlled demolition. For 2.25 seconds it collapsed at freefall and
    National Institute of Standards and Technology now admits this. In order
    for it to freefall for 2.25 seconds you need a uniform gap of approx. 80ft
    free of any physical impediments (equivalent of blowing out 7 floors almost
    instantaneously). Fire is not magic and cannot do that and only can be
    precisely done through human intervention. It takes the prepositioning of
    demolition components that are finely timed throughout the building to
    accomplish this. WTC-7 had GOV agencies as part of its tenant (US Secret
    Service, CIA, IRS, DOD…) With tenants like that it is impossible for an
    outsider to get access to the building to preposition demolition
    components. Whoever did had to have their consent!

  2. Isn’t it great watching criminal scum squirm when they are found out? Did
    you notice the bastard defensively fold his arms when confronted with those
    last questions? Get the gallows built big and strong you Americans cos
    they’re gonna be busy once all these filthy sewer rats are all rounded up. 

  3. Ok, but you cant deny the obvious fema evidence of a severe high
    temperature corrosion attack on the steel, including oxidation and
    sulfidation with subsequent intergranular melting, was readily visible in
    the near-surface microstructure. A liquid eutectic mixture containing
    primarily iron, oxygen, and sulfur formed during this hot corrosion attack
    on the steel.
    FEMA metallurgical study that describes beam fragments found in the debris
    pile that clearly showed that melting and even evaporation of the steel had
    taken place. Scientists found that the steel had been attacked by a
    eutectic mixture of iron oxide and iron sulfide. “No steel should have been
    melted whatsoever … all the characteristics tell me that thermite was
    involved in melting those steel beams.” ITS EVERY WHERE YOU LOOK AT GROUND
    ZERO!! HERE LOOK FOR YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    “Sulfur could have come from any number of other sources within the
    building(VERY misleading).” It was “IRON SULFIDE”. The only way to get iron
    sulfide from steel is VERY hot sulfur gas. If you think you can produce
    iron sulfide from calcium sulfate (drywall) and steel, try it! Use a torch,
    with oxygen if you like. The only way you can get sulfide from sulfate is
    with hydrogen or CO or aluminum powder or other reducer, but NOT in a fire
    with oxygen present. MEANING THERMITE!!!! https://youtu.be/HAndcg8MZaM

  4. There isn’t one shred of evidence of controlled demolition of 7WTC; not
    one. Study of collapse video, debris patterns, structural elements, and an
    accurate assessment of damage, all reveal the building fell in perfect
    conformity with it’s damage. It actually was sliced nearly in half by
    falling North Tower perimeter wall and fell over in two directions,
    consistent with that top to bottom breach. There is no sign of controlled
    demolition in any of the evidence.

  5. Body Language is the key to all lying. Watch at 2:10 in the video when the
    name Larry Silverstein is mentioned how John Kerry defensively folds his
    arms. John Kerry knows 9/11 was an inside job. He also knows that he plays
    defense for the most powerful people in America i.e. Larry Silverstein and
    his ilk. Pretending to be ignorant of building seven yet knowing the
    details of how Larry Siverstein handled building seven is a clear
    indication that John Kerry is being deceptive. That’s what politicians get
    paid to do.

  6. With almost all 9/11 information videos, there are constant arguments over
    what really happened. But I cannot for the life of me understand is why
    anyone would stick up for the government! They have been caught in so much
    and need to be dismantled and completely reorganized. Every single
    president and member of congress should stand trial for their actions after
    their time in the public life is over. This should be mandatory. No more
    “get of jail free” cards for any member of the public sector. We the People
    are in charge and they should all fear us, not vice versa.

  7. Its all very simple They pre rigged the buildings because they knew the
    attack was coming. The idea was to magnify the attack. After all, if 100
    people died and the buildings were still standing and repaired, how could
    they justify invading Iraq with a phony 911 whisper campaign and WMDs and
    freeing up all that oil tied up in our own sanctions? They needed a
    catastrophe with mass casualties. Lure the police and firemen there, then
    drop the last building first to maximize casualties. So they wired the
    buildings and waited, opening every door for Mohammed Atta and his band of
    clusterfucks. The CIA watched them get on the plane with one way tickets
    paid in cash. Can you imagine? They were watching these guys. 911…what
    terrorist gives a shit abot that number? Ah but what about the psy-op boys
    at the CIA, they know how to make you remember…NEVER FORGET…that is the
    cry isnt it? A permanent Republican majority they said. 300 million to
    invade Iraq they said. WMD’s they said. GWB gets a second term to rape the
    country after not actually being elected the first time but rather selected
    by the SCOTUS. What they wanted all along, was oil. And Larry wanted to get
    rid of his empty asbestos ridden flea bags called the WTC. It was a match
    made in hell.

  8. If you have not seen it, you should – “Wag the Dog” with Robert DeNiro &
    Dustin Hoffman. If you have seen it, you should see it again. You should
    also see “Charlie Wilson’s War” as well as “Kill the Messenger.” Expand
    your horizon.

  9. Mrrandomguy. You’re a complete mindless jackass. How does two planes hit
    two buildings but three buildings fall? How do they fall the exact same way
    straight down on themselves? How does a fire burning uncontrollably at
    random bring a structure down perfectly into it’s own footprint not once
    but three times? How does liquid steel be seen pouring out of the towers
    and yet all the highjackers passports were recovered unscathed? See the
    problems? Besides a building can not and will never fall like this unless
    its controllably brought down. Larry Silverstein the lease holder admitted
    that they decided to bring down this building due to being unsafe. Ok.
    Fine. When did they plant the explosives? On that day? A building of that
    size? Highly doubtful. They woulda still needed prior knowledge to plan do
    rig the building. This isn’t a couple hour job. Do some research 

  10. How out of touch is Kerry? The most important event in recent history and
    this shill doesnt know about it`. You know all these types are in the know
    and paid for.

  11. If “Sleazy Larry”, and the Fire Department decided to “Pull” Bldg. 7 based
    on damage caused by the destruction of the Twin Towers, how in the world
    could they have possibly rigged it in just a matter of hours? I’m no
    expert, but I would assume it would take weeks of planning, and planting
    explosives. You can’t deny the fact that that bldg. sank from the bottom
    up, unlike 1,and 2, which fell from the top down.

  12. From 9/11 to present, this period of history HAS to be scrutinized over. It
    has to be gone through over and over and the truth of the whole deal laid
    out for We the People. Whatever that truth is. Those planes hit the towers
    that day, but they did not bring them down. Jet fuel does not burn hot
    enough for that. Thermite, however does. Likewise there have been thousands
    of skyscraper fires, not one has fallen like that. Even if it were hot
    enough to melt the steel (which it wasn’t even hot enough to melt it’s
    aluminum fuselage) the steel supports would have melted unevenly. This
    would have given a tilt to the building and it would have fallen over, but
    no. It came straight down in stages exactly as a controlled demolition
    does. A shit load of our people died that day and several long, expensive
    wars ruining I don’t know how many lives has happened because of it. It’d
    be nice to know just what the fuck, EXACTLY, my brothers and sisters are
    still dying for. What bullshit did this lie cover for? I don’t hold Bush
    accountable, I don’t hold Obama accountable, I hold the ENTIRETY of the US
    Government accountable. 3000 lives, snuffed like candles on a cake and you
    feed us bullshit about how it happened. Since when is it OK to murder 3000
    people? And for what? What did we gain from all of this? They RUINED my
    beloved country! Now I can’t sleep, I can’t have a day that doesn’t stress
    me the fuck out, I don’t have a day without pain in my back and knees, and
    I went to war because I LOVED every single one of those 3000 AMERICANS to
    AVENGE THEM! ALL of us did! For what? A lie! And I’ll be God Damned if I
    ever do a fucking thing for this country again!

  13. George Bush Sr. Said if they knew what we’ve done they would chase us down
    the street and hang us to the nearest tree. Kerry and his bubbled headed
    wife are to stupid to be to far up the chain. They, well, she has lots of
    money. He’s dumb. If 10 million Americans would just show up in DC some
    morning and if 5 million had firearms and just stay there until we got this
    country back. They would mess their pants. And we wouldn’t have to fire a
    shot, to arrest them all. And that is the way it is March 2nd 2015.

  14. Kerry is just another fake lying physically weak gutless cunt politician,
    used abused and bought off by the lying fake gutless central banker
    illuminati filth. these people are so weak its criminal. ALL GUTLESS GREEDY

  15. This scoundrel knows everything … but later
    Kery will send all 7 bastards to Elecrtic chair !!!!
    Let us dream….Another 15 years….

  16. If Kerry had more courage in the people he would be a President long time
    ago! But he still afraid from the money men more than to put all his trust
    in the people! Or maybe he just do not want to be the next JFK?

  17. Kerry: “Let me find out about that, what’s your name and address? Oh! wait!
    we already have that! I also think that you would be committing suicide in
    the very near future!”

  18. “Decision was made to bring down WTC 7 , as it was deemed unsafe” ???? So
    are we expected to believe demolition teams rigged the building with
    explosives from the time WTC 1&2 were hit until later that day when
    Silverstein said “pull it”.? Hey Mr Kerry…..I call BS. It is quite
    telling how you cross your arms once Silversteins name is mentioned, and
    how your wife looks at you with a “oh crap, their onto us now” look on her
    face . Justice needs to be served , until that happens , 9-11 will not rest

  19. A Timeline:
    1947: Roswell aliens land on earth to establish the new world order.
    1948: They set up the state of Israel and fund Frank Wisner with billions
    to expand the CIA
    1955: Legislation approved July 11, 1955, made the appearance on the US
    Dollar of the space pyramid of the illuminate lizardmens that drains power
    from lay lines.
    1950s Barak Obama Born to Muslim lizard hybrid in some raghead country.
    Lizardmen plot his presidency
    1960’s. Lacking in power to fuel their schemes, The illuminate force the US
    to declare war in Vietnam to gain oil
    1963> JFK killed by Lizardmen as he knew too much
    1970’s The US Invades Lebanon to gain oil
    1980’s The US invades Grenada to gain oil
    1983. The US shoots down an Iranian airliner, potentially to gain oil, but
    also to get a jet engine for future use
    Finding that their oil grabbing wars are causing suspicion amongst the
    enlightened Clear Thetans of scientology, the US begins plotting an excuse
    to take over the whole of the arab world. They breed hundreds of future
    “passengers” for the 9/11 flights and employ them as actors, false flag
    patsy’s, sneaking them into ordinary families who believe they are their
    children and watch them grow up over the next 30 years , marry, have
    friends and jobs and lives , unaware that they are merely pawns in Obamas
    1993 The WTC is bombed by a FBI employed patsy Yousef to test its
    structural integrity. Yousef a Jew, is told to pretend he is Muslim.
    1990s. The US creates Al Quada using CIA money and employing Osama bin
    laden to fight the Russians so that hard-line Muslim extremists can in the
    future overthrow the Russians , fight each other and decide that they hate
    America now, thus making them perfect scapegoats for the planned 9/11
    attacks. Thousands of Actors are employed using Bilderberg corporation
    funding (run by jews) to be present on 9/11/2001 to state to the Disney
    controlled (jew) media that they saw planes hit the twin towers.
    2000: The Y2K bug designed by the CIA fails to work other than funnelling
    secret trillions of dollors a day into the accounts of the defence
    department. Billions are spent on a laser defence grid to protect the
    pentagon. The lizards cover this up.
    2001: 19 of the pre employed patsy’s spend months leaving a trail of
    “evidence”that makes them appear to their friends and family’s and security
    services as if they were Islamic extremists.
    January 2001: CIA explosives experts gas the security guards at WTC 1 2 and
    7 with a brain wiping gas whilst they fit a hundred tons of C4 explosives
    to the steel beams supporting WTC 1,2 and 7 at the planned floor of impact,
    in order to make it more realistic. Little do they realise that HUNDREDS of
    college drop outs will , using their mighty reasoning powers and their
    expert level understanding of how explosions of jet airliners work, easily
    expose the Governments lies.
    Febuary 2001. The engine from 1983 is taken to Roswell and smashed to
    pieces and covered in dust similar to the WTC dust
    March 2001. The Holographic projectors that are supposed to show the
    employed patsy’s that airplanes hit the buildings are installed. The power
    supplying them is fed from burning Iraqi kids corpses
    May 2001: The Mossad agents planning this operation practice the dance in
    the streets they will carry out in front of the cameras. A poll is taken of
    WETC employees: Question 12 is “Are you jewish: If so can you leave us your
    number? We may need to phone you in a few months. No worries!”
    June 2001: the actors bred from birth start their excuse stories of why
    they want to get on a plane in a month or so. Business, pleasure, holidays.
    All are booked so as to be convincing. None of them realise the scrutiny
    that the Truther can steep to.
    July 2001: The drone aircraft to be used are assigned. Explosives are
    fitted, the nose is fused with a bomb that will explode when it touches the
    building. They are painted grey or black or silver: to be honest it doesn’t
    matter. Take a look at the next airliner passing 2 kilometres away…can you
    see markings? Film it with a 12 MP camera. Can you see markings?
    Late June 2001. The Drone aircraft are Hologramised. They exist, but they
    don’t. The patsy’s are ready to board.
    August: Donald Rumsfeld admits the USA lost a year’s worth of money. This
    money built the energy weapons that protected the pentagon.
    September 2001: The lizard men put their plan into action. Their goal is to
    gain oil from the Arab States by forging an excuse to invade them. They
    plan to build a pipeline in Afghanistan.
    The patsy’s are booked on the holo projector planes, the wing wideners are
    fitted so that before impact the holo-planes will cut a bigger hole than
    required in the face of the north tower, the beams of the towers are loaded
    with C4, the jet fuel in the planes and incendiary materiel throughout the
    building has been retrofitted around 80000 workers to not generate the sort
    of heat that causes steel to soften. Extra explosives are placed secretly
    in coffee machines to make a more impressive explosion out the other side,
    because let’s face it, a Jetliner is going to do fuck all to a civilian
    glass skyscraper. The drone operators have flown the simulations that were
    public access many, many times. Building 7 is wired to blow as soon as
    30000 tons of rubble hits it, Obama is fully informed. G W Bush is ready
    with his speech. The day is here!!!!
    Jews are told to remain at home. By phoning them off the poll returns
    The FBI shoots the NA alliance leader.
    The patsy’s board the holo aircrafts, wave goodbye to their “families” and
    dismount the other side to achieve their long awaited pay check from uncle
    Sam. They are shipped to a secret CIA island full of hookers and flapjacks.
    The engine from the Iranian jet is unloaded at the corner of a street and
    sprinkled with dust to the bemusement of anyone not in the FBI’s employ.
    The Computers of numerous Al-Qaida hierarchy are simultaneously infected
    with masses of data that falsely shows they planned the attack.
    Fire fighters are paid to state that there are two isolated fires. They are
    killed immediately by CIA gunmen
    Every paid patsy starts saying there was planes hitting the buildings.#
    Clever and rather eagle eyed citizens note the planes are grey and have no
    The planes hit the buildings. The drone operators give a whoop of joy! They
    as good US Citizans have destroyed everything they stand for.
    Mossad gives the Go signal to dance on the street to the Jews.
    Osama is paid extra (as a CIA operative) to make a video, and dye his beard
    or something to look younger, hey it’s probably a Lizard man actor with a
    turban and a beard to admit to carrying out the “plot”
    The flight 93 patsy’s jump out on their parachutes from their holoplane as
    their explosive drone hits a field because the Mossad operator made a pilot
    The pentagon holoplane and its patsy false flag actors were replaced at the
    last minute by a cruise missile which blew up all records that this
    conspiracy retarded shit is the work of sad lonely pathetic attention
    seeking infantile wankers who have so little in life that they have to puff
    themselves up with magic make believe wanksock quality evidence and take
    the role of hero of the world, who “really gets it man”, The intelligent
    guy on the shortbus who craves affection.
    “Truthers” You’re a bunch of spacktards. There is no derision enough to
    level out the damage you have done to humanity’s collective intellect.

  20. Kerry: “I DO KNOW that they made a decision due to dangers of damage to
    buildings around that they made a decision to BRING IT DOWN IN A CONTROLLED
    How have I never seen this!!? I am speechless.

  21. Several other WTC buildings had to be demolished after 9/11, it sounds like
    he simply doesn’t know which buildings this was the case for, i.e he’s
    mistaking wtc7 with for example wtc3

  22. I almost couldn’t watch this vid because of the people clapping for this
    F’n idiot. “Anything that is based on fact and evidence”? Well I guess he
    had to change that for sure when he became Sec, of State.

  23. Kerry should decry Jews as perpetrators of the attacks .. the WTC 7 debate
    revolves around an individual named John Feal, whose bio says he is a
    “Demolition Supervisor,” so what the Hell was he doing at WTC Ground Zero
    in New York September 11, 2001 in the first place.

    *His explanation he was there to “help out,” is unconvincing in the light
    of other evidence.*

    Barry Jennings and Michael Hess were ordered to proceed to the Emergency
    Management Room on the 27th floor of WTC 7, after everyone had evacuated,
    after being warned by then New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, that the Towers
    were going to come down.

    As well Giuliani is the only one with sufficient authority to have given
    such an order, Hess and Jennings were trapped on the 8th floor, after
    explosions took out the stairwell as they attempted to exit the building.

    The explosions they witnessed were the detonators that were to have set off
    the main charges, that had been built in during construction according to
    NY artist Paul Laffoley,YouTube who was with the architectural firm that
    designed the buildings.

    *Conjecture all three demolitions were to occur simultaneously at **10:00**

    However Murphy’s Law saw to it that while the South Tower turned to dust on
    time, the North Tower and Bldg 7 were still on their feet. It took Feal
    nearly an hour working frantically in the toxic dust..

    Until he set off the charges were to have brought both remaining structures
    down ,, down came the North Tower however the main charges in WTC 7 had
    still not gone off, meant Feal had to bound across and work furiously by
    helmet lamp for seven hours.

    Going from floor to floor resetting the timers and fuses, eventually razing
    the structure at around 5:00 pm on the afternoon of the same day.

    As well as conventional explosives that had been built in during
    construction, thermonuclear demolition charges were positioned in both
    Towers, those same micro nukes embedded in the collapse material..

    Still had enough potency to wipe out the top nineteen floors of WTC 3 the
    Marriot Hotel, all but the North Wing of WTC 4, and to leave the gaping
    holes in WTC’s 5 & 6 when it came into contact with them!

  24. Subway did 9/11 so they could sell a lot of subs rebuilding the new WTC 1
    to the construction crews. They even had a Subway store in the new WTC 1
    while under construction and it was elevated as floors were built. Open
    your eyes sheeple!


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