7 Days To Die Survival Guide – Building your first base (Alpha 10)

Here’s how I build my first bases when starting new games in 7 Days to Die.
Summary: get into the first house I find, go upstairs, break the stairs, create a rather safe zone. I use that as a temporary base until I gather enough resources to build my own base, using a simple square-ish design to keep the corpses at bay.
I will make a shorter version of this video using the absolute minimum things you have to do to survive the feral hordes.
I apologize for the poor visual quality, I had to use the lowest settings I could, because fraps slows my game down by 40 fps. Very strange.

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  1. Man,a strange thing! With iron bars you can shoot at the zoombies but you
    can’t hit them with crossbow! a lit bugged this thing! No sense! With
    bullets pass and crossbolts not? Really don’t understand! sorry for my bad


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